I’m dreaming of a Deadpool Christmas… Well, not me personally, but Disney is.

Laughing Place tells us that a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 titled Once Upon A Deadpool will be given a limited release from December 12. The plan is to cut the profanity and bloodshed that give it it’s hard R-18 rating, toning it down to a mere PG-13.

Reprising his child star role from the classic The Princess Bride, Fred Savage will be kidnapped by Wade Wilson.

In addition, some of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to a cancer-fighting charity. A worthy cause.

While I like the profanity and blood laden R-18 version of Deadpool, I may well grab a ticket if this cut screens in New Zealand.

If Once Upon A Deadpool can still maintain the franchise’s outrageous humour then it may bode well for future integration of Deadpool into the mainstream Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Not so much for his standalone movies, those I hope will always be R-18, but if Deadpool is used in other franchises such as the X-Men or the Avengers, which themselves are sold to general audiences.