This Is The End

In criticizing not only a serious actor with serious political opinions but also a serious movie which raised serious questions, Blumpf has finally gone too far.

He is finished.

During a campaign rally last night, Russian sleeper agent Donald Trump blasted the selection of Parasite as Best Picture at the 2020 Academy Awards:

“By the way, how bad were the Academy Awards this year, do you see? And the winner is, a movie from South Korea. What the hell was all that about? We got enough problems with South Korea, on trade, and on top of it they give it the best movie of the year. Was it good?”

This is more obvious racism from the Racist-In-Chief because Parasite is a movie from South Korea starring South Koreans and South Koreans — who were formerly Honorary Aryans – are now People of Color.

To prove that his criticism is based on nothing more than pure hatred of skin color, Trumpler then went on to give his own ideas about what kind of films are worthy of a Best Picture Oscar:

“Let’s get Gone With The Wind…Can we get Gone With The Wind back, please?”

Naturally, Bad Cheeto Man would select Gone With The Wind, because he loves slavery and The Confederacy and wants to put you all back in chains.

Just ask Uncle Joe:

But Wait, There’s More Hate!

Racist, pro-slavery, anti-Korean Literal Hitler turned his rage toward Brad Pitt, the beneficent, the merciful:

“You have Brad Pitt, I was never a big fan of his. He got up, said a little wise guy thing. He’s a little wise guy.”

“Little guy.” This bigotry against dwarfism will not stand.

Of course, there were some who #resisted.

Neon & The DNC Own The Trumpanzees

Not to be outdone by POTUS, the distribution company behind Parasite hit back, and hit back hard, with an illiteracy blast:

Kind of an odd take considering Twitter is a text-based platform that President Trump continually uses. If he can’t read, how come he can write so prolifically?

Still, B+ for mocking illiteracy, which disproportionately affects minorities.

Neon Pictures is based and does not give a fuck.  

Naturally, someone from the DNC had to get involved and kill all the fun:

Is Our Leftists Learning?


Check out the video replay below in which journassaries delusionally posit that Trump supporters have “posters of Brad Pitt on their walls.”

Posters of Brad Pitt. On your wall.

This is what they think of you, flyover person.

The average American doesn’t like being preached at by celebrities, movie moguls or political operatives about how much of a rube they are for not liking foreign movies about bullshit forced Commie memes.