Fox’s Anticipated TV Show Is Cancelled, Wait, No It Isn’t

The showrunners of FX’s Y: The Last Man have announced they have quit the series over a disagreement with the network.

Aida Mashaka Croal took to the Twitter to deliver the news, in a letter co-signed with co-showrunner Michael Green:

No sooner had that tweet been published, Entertainment Weekly were quick to appease fans by issuing the following statement:

“Some fans of the property took this unexpected tweet as an indication that FX had canceled Y, but the statement’s wording was slightly misleading. FX has confirmed to EW that the network is moving forward with Y, but that Green and Croal were moving on “due to creative differences with the network.” The search for a new showrunner is now underway.”

FX ordered Y: The Last Man to series in February. The original novels are set in a world in which every male mammal on earth has died, except for a young man named Yorick and his helper monkey, Ampersand.

This latest development is another par-for-the-course obstacle in Y‘s years-long journey to the screen. Roughly ten years ago, Shia LaBeouf was attached to star in a film version.

Y: The Last Man is apparently set to debut in 2020.