See, Cuz This Is Her Cr-A-Zay POV

It’s, like, her twisted perspective! You know, how she sees the world!

No, it isn’t. 

This might not be the laziest poster I’ve ever seen but it’s certainly one of the most pointless and amateur. I can’t believe they are going to put this in a lobby.

What Is Being Communicated Here?

  1. Margot Robby is the undeniable star of this movie because everyone is smaller and floating around her.
  2. The “Mind over mayhem” insert tells us that this is going to be one of them smart strong female characters, the kind that discovers black holes all on her own. 

Let’s go deeper, shall we?

The Trinkets On Harley’s Necklace:

  • Fishhook: she gonna bait somebody!
  • Pet name tag: will she rip it off to celebrated her emancipation?
  • Roach clip: pot is so random!
  • Tiny brass knuckles: she a bad bitch!
  • Safety pin: punk rock shit, bro!
  • Feminist symbol: strong, independent jester don’t need no clown!
  • Lock: no idea what this means, I guess it’s the opposite of emancipation.

The Symbols In The Birds Of Prey Logo:

  • Mask
  • Arrow
  • Bow
  • Knife
  • Baseball bat
  • Diamond (We know all about that, don’t we boys?)
  • Oversized carnival hammer
  • Brass knuckles again

By Crom, this is boring and tiresome.