Just Start a Fucking Zine Already

See that? I just used profanity. On a website. I’m edgy. I’m also subversive.

As has been said before, Birds Of Prey is trying to make untreated mental illness into a superpower. Let’s go ahead and add the Riot Grrrl attitude to that.

According to Wikipedia:

Riot grrrl is an underground feminist punk movement that began in the early 1990s in Washington state and the greater Pacific Northwest. It also had origins in Washington, D.C., and spread to at least 26 countries. It is a subcultural movement that combines feminist consciousness and punk style and politics.

But mostly was just a bunch of lazy and stupid middle-class people making faces while they produced terrible art and music that was against, like, capitalism and stuff.

Of course, the irony of it was that mainstream academia and press openly studied, covered and celebrated the movement precisely because they were pushing the exact same anti-establishment message.

Check it out:

Which Brings Us To This Poster

A big part of Riot Grrrl culture and art is a grungy “totally random, DGAF” attitude, which any adult knows is something that takes zero effort. Being sloven, willfully eccentric and lacking self-control is literally the opposite of anything resembling accomplishment.

This is what it looks like in illustrated form:

So fucking rando!

Besides some Sisterhood Of The Traveling Prozac, girl-on-girl, hot-hand-holding action the only thing that will make any of the women in this film strong is that they beat up a bunch of men.

And that is what makes them heroes

Birds Of Prey will try to avoid the fate of Charlie’s Angels when it opens February 7.