I’ve Seen Your Future

Nothing but watching Star Wars and Marvel shows on Disney+, watching Star Wars and Marvel movies in the theaters and then on your personal VR headset, waiting for new Star Wars and Marvel shows and movies, talking about new Star Wars and Marvel shows while waiting for new Star Wars and Marvel shows while taking your Marvel™ Infinite Stones Vitamins® washed down with Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge™ Tatooinian Blue Milk®.

Nothing but beautiful, beautiful Star Wars and wonderful, wonderful Marvel.

I can’t wait until they start selling the Star Wars™ Cloud City Hydrogen® and Marvel™ Earth-616 Oxygen® that you have to mix together in order to survive.

Point being we are so addicted to Disney properties that every photo, rumor or comment by anyone involved from topline talent to the catering manager is worthy of excitement and discussion.

Case In Point

Entertainment Weekly has dropped this “First Look” photo, this single photo, of The Mandalorian — who will be female — taking on a couple of Trandoshans in tandem.

Notice the slight build of The Mandalorian (click for close-up)

Apparently these are the same race of creatures as Bossk, although the detail on the head and face look a lot more like something out of Enemy Mine than our favorite reptilian bounty hunter.

Notice the pronounced snout on Bossk versus the flat-face of those Trandoshans

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Yeah, Goblins tend to notice things. Meanwhile, you over here like: