hey gang ebob junior here! its tuesday and you know what that means PERKS AND POKES. i saw lots of new blurays at walmart today lets talk bout them! and dont forget to click the amazon links to help support this articles best efforts!

THE VIRGIN SUICIDES THIS IS A FILM WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY sofa coppola. shes related to some one very famous guess who it is… nicolas cage thats who! any way the title tells you all you need to know about what happens in this movie.

DEN OF THIEVES i dont know what this is it looks like the EXPEDNABLES starring a bunch of no bodies. PASS!

KILLER KLOWNS FROM OTHER SPACE is the flim that inspired STEPHEN KINGS IT and the practical effects are amazing. it was written and directed by the chiodo brothers who are now known as the watchowski siblings.

HOSTILES the long awaited sequel to the HOSTEL franchfries starring BAT MAN christian bale! or is it a prequel because it takes place in 1892? now im cornfused.

DOCTOR DETROIT is a classic comedy from the 1980s about porstitution from the 1980s stars DONNA DIXON HOLY COW! oh and dan akroyd is in it too.

CYBORG this movie is about jean claude van damme as robot from the future who fights evil with karate. its pretty awesome.

DEAD MAN at fist i thought this was an old flim because it was in black and white. what a weirdo johnny depp is and i know this because he came to my birth day party and tried cutting my cake with his bandana. i was like use the knife johnny!

GREECE this is the classic musical about john tarvolta and olivia newnton john going to high school in greece and hanging out at the gyro diner. i think its a bout time this flim had a remake like every.

THE PARENT TRAP what ever happened to lindsey lohans sister any way?

A FEW GOOD MEN what did the dentist say to the patient he said you want the tooth you cant handle the tooth LOL! but seriously this flim

MAZE RUNNER DEATH CURE that kid almost died making this! and he finished it too! now thats what i call bringing A game.

DEAD POOL 4K oh so regular blurays arent good enough for you?

AUTO FOCUS is a true story about HOGANS HEROES and the sex tapes hulk hogan made with his friends help. i believe william dafoe is the one who killed hulk hogan i mean… just look at the guy.

MERMAIDS a movie called MERMAIDS that doesnt have any mermaids? FUCK YOU!

PADDINGTON 2 this was alot different from the movies i saw on my dads computer in the folder marked BEARS.

there were also some old flims i dont care a bout and some anime too but i dont speak japanese.

keep it cool,
ebob junior

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