The first 10 minutes of INCREDIBLES 2 is current screening at Disney California Adventure. If you can’t make it there before it releases and are curious about how the movie begins then read below.


The movie begins with Violet’s would be boyfriend being interrogated by the Feds in the aftermath of the battle with the Underminer (aka the Mole Man from Fantastic Four comics). During the battle he figured out that Violet is actually a superhero because he heard her talk and recognized her voice. After he says this the Fed interviewing him uses a machine to erase his memory.

The title comes up and then…

We cut to the battle with the Underminer, which takes up almost all of the remaining time in the preview. The first section involves the Underminer using his drill vehicle to cause a bank to fall underground. With the bank door broken he enters and uses a gigantic vacuum cleaner to suck up all of the money. Mr. Incredible and the Underminer get into a fist fight (Underminer wears some metal gloves)  and eventually Mr. Incredible wins.

During the battle the controls of the vehicle are damaged and it drives through the city completely out of control. Frozone and the rest of the Incredible clan try to stop the vehicle as it heads toward City Hall (I think) from the outside. Eventually the Incredibles all join Mr. Incredible inside and use their powers to destroy the gigantic boiler, which stops it right before it destroys City Hall. Violet forms a force field to shield her family from the boiler explosion. As soon as this happens the Feds show up and point guns at the Incredibles and tell them they are under arrest.

Meanwhile Frozone, who stayed outside of the drill vehicle to try to stop it with ice is apporached by a character in a car who tells him to get in so they can work together to help save the “supers”.

End Spoilers

Overall I liked the 10 minutes I saw, which was basically an 8 minute long action sequence, with a couple of plot points tossed onto both ends. I thought the 3D was outstanding during several shots and am looking forward to seeing the entire movie next month.