Sorry, this is kind of late. I’m away this week and tight on time writing in a hotel room, but I don’t want to disappoint all my fans, so here we go…

This is it, the final episode before the battle of Winterfell. It’s essentially the calm before the storm next week. A lot of small moments between all the characters waiting for Westeros’ version of Armageddon. This was a very well done episode, and a nice build up to what should be a glorious battle next week.


The episode starts right away with Jamie’s loyalty and trust being questioned in Winterfell’s court. Everyone hates him and wants him dead, but Brienne riane of Tarth stands up for him and that’s enough to sway everyone’s opinion of him (and the fact that they need as many men as they could get to fight the Night King) so he gets to live.

This was the most interesting scene to me in the entire episode because Jamie is the only person who knows the reason he killed the king, but he never mentioned it to defend himself during the entire scene. Does he enjoy the guilt? Why knows. He had the chance to finally clear his name and no longer be known as the Kingslayer, but he declined to.

Also, most people thought that at some point during the episode Bran would forgive Jamie for pushing him out the window now that he is the Three-Eyed Raven, but he never did. Bran has become such an emotionally detached character, that it’s nice to see him be able to hold a grudge.


The other big part of this week’s episode was Jon Snow telling Daenerys who he really is. Dany did not take too well to this reveal and was not happy to hear that she is not actually next in line to the Iron Throne. After the battle for Winterfell next week, that will be the next major storyline that needs to be resolved. Samwell is pushing for Jon Snow to stake his claim as the true next ruler of Westeros and the fact that the North does not like or want to follow her, so it’s unlikely that Jon will just step aside so she can rule. Does this lead to a three-way battle for the throne between Jon Snow, Daenerys, and Cersei? And what happens to the dragons if they survive past next episode? Is it possible that they can switch their allegiance to Jon if they sense that he has Targaryen blood in him?


Then there was Arya finally losing her virginity. I won’t get too much into it, other than to say that I think it may be a signal that she may not make it past next week. I think she dies and the Hound goes on to complete her kill list for her.


According to Bran the Night King wants him dead because as the Three-Eyed Raven he is the one with all of man’s memories or history or whatever. So he wants him dead so he can destroy all of man’s past. Whatever. Makes no sense, but I’ll go with it. And they’ll set a trap for him by having Bran sit by the tree with Theon the Cowardly Lion protecting him. Because if I need to make sure someone survives, I’m going to send the weakest person to protect him.

Other than that most of the episode was all of the characters preparing to meet their doom and spending time together. The best part of all this was seeing both Tormund and Jamie essentially going in different ways to get into Brienne of Tarth’s pants. Tormund was, of course, the direct one, but Jamie tried to appeal more to her mind. He seemed to win her over, but it at the same time for a second it looked like Tormund may have had a chance with her.


Where was he at the end of the episode when the army of the dead arrived? I was talking to someone and he had an interesting idea that maybe the Night King flew down to Kings Landing with the dragon and is going to do something there. Interesting and something to think about maybe.


Looking at things from a bird’s eye view, you can kind of see who will survive based on story needs. Jon and Daenerys have a lot they need to resolve, so they will survive. Samwell is the one who’s pushing Jon for making sure he is king, so he will probably make it. Cersei sent Bron out to kill her brothers, so at least one of them will make it through the battle so they could finish Bron and his story. And don’t forget that we still need haven’t had Clegain Bowl, so the Hound will make it too I think it’s safe to say.

So based on that my prediction sure to go wrong is that Theon, Bran, Arya, Greyworm, Tormund, Beric, Jamie and Brienne of Tarth all die.

Feel free to tell me I’m wrong.