I’m sorry if I’m hurting anyone’s feelings, we know that’s not true I really don’t fucking care, but I really never got the zombie thing nor do I give a shit about any more fucking entries into the zombie genre.

Regardless, I just saw The Dead Don’t Die and I’d thought I’d share my impressions with you chimps.

Bill Murray stars with Adam Driver, whom I actually kind of like when he’s not in a Star Wars film. What really hooked me is that it’s a Jim Jarmusch Film. I’m not his biggest fan but I do love David Lynch and Jarmusch is a poor man’s David Lynch without the zest.

He also typically includes references to classic Japanese cinema which is a passion of mine.

Kurosawa, Masaki Kobayashi, Okamoto. All much better filmmakers than he but I appreciate the renegade creativity not seen in anything nowadays.  

You make this shit but you don’t want to be in Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters?

I had hoped this film would be sort of a Twin Peaks, zombie, satire film. Unfortunately, it wasn’t made by David Lynch and it’s a one trick pony that gets old fast.

It’s boring.

The most interesting character by far is Tilda Swinton as an alien, samurai undertaker. A whole movie about that character might have been mildly amusing.

Gotta say this character worked for me in a trippy sort of way

But that said, it’s not a fucking steaming shit pile like say Dark Phoenix.

It’s just a boring, pseudo-intellectual, artsy fartsy, comedy satire that falls flat.

Clearly, a vanity piece by a director that the underground scene has elevated to genius levels. Chocked full of the prerequisite allegories, zombies are us, pop culture obsessed, mass consumers, dead to the nuisances of quiet conversation, art, civil discourse, etc. all done far too heavy-handed and preachy.

Points I suppose for trying and being different but Jim Jarmusch is no David Lynch. So if you really like Bill Murray being muted and overly ironic and or you actually give two shits about who the fuck Iggy Pop is then The Dead Don’t Die is for you. 

Prob looks better with the makeup

Cohaggen says: “Noble effort, but you fucked up!”

You’re fucking it up!!

One star out of 5 for Tilda Swinton, I guess.