The Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer finally dropped this week, and we gathered a couple of Film Goblins together to discuss it.  Here is the inaugural edition of the Film Goblin Roundtable.


Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:16 PM]
Let’s get started. Joining me in today’s roundtable are Film Goblin’s Andy Dufresne, GottaHaveMyPops, The Spark That Bled, Dom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child, and Knittingknerd. Today’s discussion…the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer. We saw two “trailers” over the weekend. The first, shorter teaser, aired during the Super Bowl, and contained some different imagery than the full 1:40 second trailer that was released yesterday.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:16 PM]
Introductions: I’m Knittingknerd, Kim. Aries, enjoys a good drink, and my favorite Star Wars character was killed in the last movie

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [12:16 PM]
Han Solo had such a long career. Do you really have to go back to the beginning? Can’t a stand alone just be some other adventure he was involved in?

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:17 PM]
@The Spark That Bled You’ve been pretty vocal about your distrust in what Lucasfilm has been doing with Star Wars. What was your first impression of the Super Bowl teaser?

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:17 PM]
Andy Dufresne here. Not a writer at all, just a beginner, a fan of the film genre that fell out of a prison shit-pipe into a whole new world!

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:17 PM]
It looks cool and your brain has been programmed to think STAR WARS!!.. but then my rational though kicks in and I think…this is crap.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:18 PM]
I feel like we don’t need to see how Han became the character we saw in A New Hope. There’s no need. Seeing how the clones were created and thus the Fett family wasn’t all that great. It just was sad.

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:18 PM]
They showed how Vader became Vader and they basically ruined it.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:19 PM]
There are so many other characters to show in the Star Wars universe, literally galaxies full of characters, why go to Han?

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:19 PM]
I don’t want to sound mean, but I am not 12 anymore and everything they have produced in the last 25 years doesn’t resonate with me at all

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:20 PM]
Surely you knew that Disney was going to milk existing intellectual property for all it was worth right out of the gate, yes?

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:20 PM]
Now that Disney has it’s three-fingered mitts all over the franchise, they’re gonna milk it for all it’s worth. The death knell has already started. It’s all about the dollar now.

Small KKKnittingknerd [12:20 PM]
Blue milk it.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [12:20 PM]
Disney have made it pretty clear they’re just mining the OT for nostalgia moments.

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:20 PM]
Of course, but you can still tell a good story.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:20 PM]
I’m a Disney dork. So there is my bias.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [12:21 PM]
I say they haven’t and why start now when all you have to do is show the Kessel Run or the modifications to the Falcon.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:21 PM]
To be fair, we have no idea if Solo is a good story or not. It’s hard to tell from a trailer, so let’s try not to force project, and instead just talk about the trailers themselves first. Question for all: was there anything *good* that you saw in the trailer?

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:23 PM]
Nope. Take away Star Wars from it. Would you still want to watch that movie?

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:23 PM]
Starting at the top of the trailer it reminded me of the first JJ Star Trek movie.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [12:23 PM]
It looks expensive.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:23 PM]
I honestly had no interest in this film after hearing about all the behind the scenes trouble. I’m not a fan of prequels. The full trailer looks great in my opinion. For a trailer. They do know how to do outstanding visual effects. The problem I foresee is that the acting will be sub-par on the lead. Everyone will be expecting and seeing in their own mind a young Harrison Ford. The actor has a lot to carry to fill those expectations.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:23 PM]
Expensive is an interesting first impression. If I had to sum it up in one word, I’d say it looked “dreary”.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:23 PM]
There were a couple of moments worthy of a chuckle. Everyone loves Woody Harrelson.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:24 PM]
@Knittingknerd Now we know where Han got “kid” from.

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:24 PM]
CGI looks like video game cut scenes. The effects don’t exist in the same space/time as the rest of the actors and it’s obvious.

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [12:25 PM]
Can I jump in about the CGI/look of the thing?

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [12:25 PM]
It doesn’t look like an adventure movie. Star Wars is an adventure. This looks like an expensive something else.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:25 PM]
Effects are usually tightened up for the movie and typically not completely finished for a trailer. So I’ve heard.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:25 PM]
It looks like a caper movie.
A heist movie.

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [12:25 PM]
It looks like the prequels.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [12:25 PM]
As long as they’re not stealing plans to some stupid super weapon I’m all for that.

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:26 PM]
But they are stealing something correct?..It’s a heist movie.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:26 PM]
I didn’t hate the prequels

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:26 PM]
@GottaHaveMyPops That’s an interesting point. Abrams made a pretty big stink about “going back to practical effects where necessary”…why have the subsequent films abandoned that aesthetic?
Is this…as usual…all about the bottom line for Disney?

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:27 PM]
Because it takes talent to create models.

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [12:27 PM]
My immediate assumption would be that, due to all the reshoots, etc, they had to work quickly and did a lot of greenscreen.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:28 PM]
Every shot in the trailer looks like a greenscreen shot. I’d also say that the scene where everybody is in the Falcon cockpit looks like Lord & Miller shot it.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:29 PM]
@Darth Busey that’s what I assumed. I figured that promo shot was from that scene.
Clarke’s hair and makeup were the same.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:29 PM]
Do you mean the one with the Imperial officer where Han is “interviewing”?

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [12:29 PM]
Very grey and murky. I was expecting a more colorful look, somehow.

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:30 PM]
looks like they spent 200 million dollars no one is going to remember in 5 years.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:30 PM]
The color palette is definitely more Rogue One than The Force Awakens.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:30 PM]
Where they are all sitting around the cockpit smiling? And then the end of the trailer the same formation of people from the promo shot add the directors?

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [12:30 PM]
They had to spend more for reshoots. There’s literally two movies worth of money on screen.

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:30 PM]
Because a gritty pallet makes up for lack of a well written gritty story.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:30 PM]
It should look dirty and dull, I think. That’s the world Han came from and where he ends up doing his thieving and sneaking about.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:31 PM]
I hate gritty storytelling.

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:31 PM]
I still can’t figure out Ron Howard’s color pallet choices for In The Heart Of The Sea…which is a movie I actually liked.

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [12:31 PM]
But it doesn’t look dirty! Even the Falcon is shiny!

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:31 PM]
So you dont like 70’s movie that much, Knittingknerd?

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:31 PM]
When they do the Leia movie, it will be all shiny and chrome and Alderaan-y!

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [12:32 PM]
Millie Bobbie Brown and the droids on Alderaan. 2022.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:32 PM]
I just hate the new “everything must be gritty and dirty” things in movies in the last 10 years.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:32 PM]
A Leia movie is going to happen someday. It’s…inevitable.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:32 PM]
Dark color palettes. It bothers my eyes

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:32 PM]
It’s to counteract the false visuals of all the CGI.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [12:33 PM]
Agree with @Knittingknerd. They don’t need to look like that.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:33 PM]
@GottaHaveMyPops The Falcon is new. Speaking of the Falcon, I hate, hate, HATE the look of it! They’re doing that to explain off later what mods Han made to it. Stupid.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [12:33 PM]
Think pirate movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [12:33 PM]
I blame Chris Nolan.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:33 PM]
Back to the trailer. We get our first look at Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo. What are your preliminary thoughts on him?

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:33 PM]
Apparently Solo is a slob.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [12:33 PM]
Are his eyes crossed? The fuck was with his smile?

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:34 PM]
I want to like him. He was funny in Hail Caesar
But he’s short, right? Like barely 5’6”?

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:34 PM]
He sort of has the look, a little of the cockiness. He’s got a helluva fight to face playing such an iconic character. I believe he’s in a lose-lose situation.

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [12:34 PM]
This is pubescent Han. Before the growth spurt.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:35 PM]
He’s 5’8”. I’m sorry. He is still shorter than me.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:35 PM]
Ehrenreich is 5’9″.
Ford is 6’2″, for what it’s worth.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [12:36 PM]
I’ll agree with it’s “lose, lose”. So why try to be Harrison Ford?

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [12:36 PM]
6 inches? That’s nothing. Just ask my wife.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:36 PM]
I don’t know if he’s trying to be Harrison Ford in this. I didn’t get that impression, really.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:36 PM]
(That’s funny @GottaHaveMyPops )
He doesn’t have the swagger. That’s what I noticed

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:37 PM]
That’s what the fans want and expect. Lose-lose because if he doesn’t channel Ford, everyone will go apeshit “That’s not Han!”

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [12:37 PM]

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:37 PM]
@Andy Dufresne Do you think “fans” wanted Anthony Ingruber?
Or CGI “young” Harrison Ford? Or…neither?

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:39 PM]
Nobody knows who the fuck he is.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:40 PM]
I feel like Disney did themselves a disservice with this stand alone movie. They took this iconic character that Harrison Ford was so good at, then wanted a prequel stand alone movie. No one could be Harrison Ford. Solo isn’t like Bond

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:40 PM]
All of these properties are going to be re-cast at some point.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:41 PM]
Disney isn’t trying to please fans, so whats the point? I don’t know if Ingruber was in the running, so I guess we won’t know. It bothers me the most that they (Disney) are resorting to prequels instead of expanding the current universe. Their are so many stories to be told, but they comtinue to focus on the OT characters, which TWA and TLJ already ruined. CGI isn’t there yet to do a full movie with a “young” Ford. Rogue One proved that.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:42 PM]
They could have done a great Yoda origin movie. No young actor. Just have Frank Oz do the voice.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:42 PM]
So Disney isn’t trying to please fans, they’re just trying to appeal to as many people as possible? If that’s the case…why are these movies not catching on in foreign markets?

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:42 PM]
@Knittingknerd Exactly. They could have done a Lando movie, ending with him meeting Han. There is a backstory worth exploring.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:43 PM]
Yep. I love Lando

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [12:44 PM]
Star Wars has been neglected and taken for granted for decades. Be it Lucas or Disney. That trailer is more proof of it.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:44 PM]
@Darth Busey Rian Johnson showed he didn’t give two shits about fan-service. He took the characters in directions that he knew would piss off the masses. I think word of mouth led to the poor performance overseas.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:45 PM]
“Playing it safe”…isn’t that what four quadrant tentpole moviemaking is all about?

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [12:46 PM]
American markets are biased by 40 years of Star Wars merchandise rammed down our throats. Chinese kids don’t know who Greedo is…yet

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:47 PM]
It sounds like most Chinese kids are never going to get the chance to learn who Greedo is, since the movie couldn’t last three weeks in the theaters over there.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:47 PM]
I think we have been sooooo cognizant of Star Wars it has become part of our culture. Other countries, overseas markets, don’t have that.
Especially because isn’t the original Star Wars movie a take on a spaghetti western?

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:48 PM]
So if overseas markets aren’t as hip about Star Wars…doesn’t that explain why Disney wants to “reinvent” all of these legacy characters, so that they can give them new introductions into these markets?
Or are they just throwing shit up against the wall to see what sticks?

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:49 PM]

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [12:49 PM]
Speaking of Greedo, will he and/or Jabba appear in the new flick?

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:49 PM]
There’s a better than 3,720 to 1 chance of them appearing in the film. Boba Fett, too.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:50 PM]
@Darth Busey To make that money, yes. I can only assume Disney wanted a “woke” movie to play to the times. Laura Dern’s sacrificial lamb, Leia actually “awakening” in the dead of space. Luke drinking from the teat of capitalism. kathleen Kennedy ate it up

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:50 PM]
(I have mean thoughts on how Jabba would appear).

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:50 PM]
Never tell me the odds, kid!

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [12:50 PM]
Friend and I are putting together a checklist for our Solo opening night drinking game.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:50 PM]
Before talking about the drinking game details…Lando.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:51 PM]
Oh my goodness!

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:51 PM]
There’s only two very brief shots of Lando.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:51 PM]
Apparently I told my mom I was going to marry Lando when I first saw him as a kid. So they had to get this right for me.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:52 PM]
Did they?

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:52 PM]
I like Donald Glover. I think he’ll be fine. I actually like the cast, but Ehrenreich will have his work cut out for him.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:52 PM]
I was super into the Billy Dee Williams as a child. Cape and all.
Billy Dee has swagger. He has charm and charisma to spare. Glover is cute and pocket sized.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:53 PM]
Young Lando hasn’t found his Colt 45 yet!

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:53 PM]
Put him in your pocket and savor him for later.
I just feel like in the brief moments we saw of him he didn’t have that “Let me steal the contents of your wallet and then I’ll steal your woman.”

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:54 PM]
I thought it was interesting that Lando appears to have a robot co-pilot. I’m guessing that this is the CGI character that Phoebe Waller-Bridge is playing.
Didn’t we just see the robot co-pilot in Rogue One?
Who wants to bet that she’s “sassy”?
Also…do all droids have to have a British accent?

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:57 PM]
British accents are sexy! Ha, they sell tickets!

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:57 PM]
All the characters looked too polished and perfect hair and makeup. All their facial hair looks perfectly done. And when you think of Han Solo he has fresh out of the sack hair. Chewie fresh out of the sack hair. Leia’s hair in the original trilogy was practical in a sense.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:57 PM]
I don’t know if any of you remember, but back in the 90’s, there was a Star Wars “Expanded Universe” property called Shadows of the Empire. One of the characters in that (Dash Rendar) had a sarcastic robot co-pilot, IIRC.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [12:57 PM]
Am I the only one that wants Star Wars, and Han in particularly, to be fun? To have a sense of fun?

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [12:58 PM]
I remember reading that. Hell, that could have been the next trilogy instead of this.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:58 PM]
That’s what bothered me. I was kind of irritated by the trailer, distracted by the perfect eyeliner.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [12:58 PM]
@ Dom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child No, I think we *all* want that!
There was also a trilogy of Young Han Solo novels written by A.C. Crispin in the 90s…some of what we saw in the trailer resembles what was in those books.
I find this interesting, since LFL made a big point of throwing all of the “expanded universe” stuff out when announcing The Force Awakens.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [12:59 PM]
That’s what I figured. The trailer takes that away for me. I see mood lighting and washed out colors and I think it’s another overly dramatic nihilist fest

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 12:59 PM]
(I wasn’t big on Star Wars expanded universe in the 1990s. I was reading the Jewel poetry book. Going to Lilith Fair)

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:01 PM]
@ Dom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child How much of that could be because of the change of directors? As pointed out earlier…if they had to throw out a lot of scenes and re-shoot stuff, they had to greenscreen the entire film, and isn’t it easier/less jarring to d
Also, where was Zack Snyder during all of this?

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [1:02 PM]
Oh, you can hide a lack of quality that way very easily.
See Zack Snyder on that.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:02 PM]
As seen by the Arrow universe.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:02 PM]
Zack Snyder was obviously at home, washing his tights.

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [1:02 PM]
But Zack hates tights…. everyone must wear armor.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:03 PM]
I like Ron Howard’s film. I’m hoping that’s the saving grace for this one. Maybe he’ll be the one that “gets” Star Wars. We’ll find out.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:03 PM]
There appears to be some kind of landspeeder chase.
Somewhere, Jake Lloyd cries a single tear.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:03 PM]
I don’t think Star Wars is that hard to get. People just try to take themselves too seriously.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:04 PM]
@Knittingknerd I don’t think Lord and Miller took themselves too seriously. Hence…why they were fired!

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:04 PM]
You have a giant dog like co-pilot that’s from the rain forest.
…. stupid Disney.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:04 PM]
They clearly tried to take this thing into a “less serious” direction.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [1:05 PM]
It looks like a depressing cartoon.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:06 PM]
It just looks too polished for me.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:06 PM]
True and with Lawrence Kasdan on the screenplay, it may very well be good. I truly think you need to have an understanding about SW and what it represents to the fans. Lucas was notorious for saying he wrote it for him, not the fans. What he created just so happened to resonate with people since they were children. I understand taking it in a different direction, but you have to stay true to the source as well.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:06 PM]
And it makes me sad Mayhew isn’t in this.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:06 PM]
All – where there any shots from the trailer that made you smile? I kinda liked the twisting monorail thing.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:06 PM]
The Chewbacca stuff.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:07 PM]
As always, I have to be honest…I don’t like the new Chewie.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:08 PM]
Peter Mayhew was a nurse’s aide. That detail always makes me smile.
Why not Busey?

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:08 PM]
Peter Mayhew’s great impact was in the subtle head nods. This new guy doesn’t have it.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:08 PM]
I always like the Falcon flying throught he shit, but the different look of it threw me off. Chewbacca is always cool. Glover as Lando looking like he’s playing cards looked good. I hope they all bring their A game!
Mayhew spoke with his mannerisms as well, it’s a noticeable difference.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:09 PM]
He studied body language

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:09 PM]
I’m sure they got Mayhew to try and tutor him, but I’m not feeling it. I know that I have to get past it if I want to enjoy these films, since Mr. Mayhew is quite old now and all of these roles are going to be re-cast, but it’s been harder for me to move on than the other things.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:10 PM]
Sucks getting old, @Darth Busey!

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:10 PM]
Peter got a double knee replacement not that long ago. And bilateral pneumonia

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:10 PM]
I’ve learned how to cheat death, so I wouldn’t know.
Back to the trailer HEY GUYS…IT’S THE KESSEL RUN!!!

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:11 PM]
Was that the Kessel Run?

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [1:11 PM]
The Kessel Run will be in the movie.
And it will be Kira (Qi’Ra?) who flies the Falcon during it.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:11 PM]
Apparently, the Kessel Run is the intergalactic version of the whirlpool in Pirates of the Caribbean, complete with giant octopus at the center of it.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:11 PM]
Of course it will!
As will Jabba, they’re saving that for a big reveal.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:12 PM]
I want to imagine that versus seeing some Disney dork putting it on screen in a subpar version of what I imagined

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:13 PM]
I can’t believe we’ve been chatting for almost an hour without talking about the giant space tentacles at the end of the trailer.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:14 PM]
That’s the problem with prequels. I’ve already created a backstory in my mind when I watched the originals. Prequels are pointless, you know the outcome. You know Han’s son takes him out like a punk.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [1:14 PM]
I don’t care about that at all. What else did Han do, anything?

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:14 PM]
@Darth Busey Finish line for Kessel Run? Ha!

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [1:15 PM]
I initially thought that was Space Slug Redux, Buse.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:15 PM]
@Andy Dufresne That’s something that most long-time fans had reservations about. We literally just saw Harrison Ford Han Solo get killed. And they immediately jump into a Han Solo movie?

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:15 PM]

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:15 PM]
I wanted to talk about Emilia Clarke’s perfect winged eyeliner and those bangs. Both require a lot of equipment to do and a pain in the ass to do. Which the Falcon doesn’t have a curling iron, a big brush, and stable enough to do winged liquid eyeliner.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:16 PM]
Exactly! Maybe this movie is his life flashing before his eyes as he’s falling into the pit! That’s how I would start the movie, Han falling through the air…

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:16 PM]
I sat there watching the trailer thinking “the fuck is this? That’s crazy girl eyeliner and hair.”

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [1:16 PM]
Unless someone is seen putting on makeup in a movie, we, the viewers, are to understand that the character looks like that naturally.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:16 PM]
@Knittingknerd I’ll try to put this as professional-like as I can, but…Emilia Clarke looked great in the trailer.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:16 PM]
Oh good point Andy.
Crazy girl eyeliner.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:17 PM]
Then end it with him hitting the ground like MaMa from Dread!
@Knittingknerd Hate to say it, but guys don’t think about that stuff. We just want you to get out of the bathroom so we can poo!

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:18 PM]
@GottaHaveMyPops Yes, Chekhov’s Blowdryer, isn’t it?

If you show it, you have to use it later.

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [1:19 PM]
Spoiler alert! Alden! Han dies at the end, and Ansel Elgort puts on his black vest and assumes his identity.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:20 PM]
That would be an incredible and ballsy twist. Of course Disney didn’t think of that.

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [1:21 PM]
If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, and if they can’t stop you, then you become something else entirely.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [1:21 PM]
I wouldnt mind seeing that at all.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:21 PM]
All in all, the trailer was better than I was expecting. That said, I have a very low bar for Star Wars nowadays.

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [1:21 PM]
A legend, Mr. Solo.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:21 PM]
Don’t we have to look at Studio contracts and who Ansel tends to work with?
Has Naboo shown up at all since the prequels?

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:22 PM]
Even given the last few years…I don’t think anybody turns down the chance to be in a Star Wars movie.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:22 PM]
Although some should

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:22 PM]
Direct a Star Wars movie, on the other hand…the list of people who have rejected that honor is long and distinguished.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [1:23 PM]
I’d think twice about it.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:23 PM]
Does this potentially end Ehrenreich’s career?

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:23 PM]
I’d have fun writing one.

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [1:23 PM]
@Knittingknerd if I may be permitted the briefest of O.T. asides…. My gut tells me that Episode IX is going to tie into some stuff from the Prequels. Full circle and all that.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [1:23 PM]
Of all these dumb movies a Han Solo one has the best chance of being unique and original.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:23 PM]
In what way Busey?

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:24 PM]
If this movie bombs, does Ehrenreich take the hit, and is considered radioactive for any “big name” movie going forward?

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:24 PM]
That’s why I was asking @GottaHaveMyPops I think this may bring up the prequels.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [1:24 PM]
@GottaHaveMyPops IX will have Anakin and Luke back to back in a sword battle with other ghosts. Mark it down.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:24 PM]
Nah, he’ll be fine. He’s not a big enough name for it to be a career killer.

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [1:24 PM]
All the ghosts. Yoda, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon….

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [1:25 PM]
What other stuff does this kid do?

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:25 PM]
Is there any possible way that Ehrenreich can give a good performance in a bad Solo movie? Does the movie live and die on our ability to buy him in the role?

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:25 PM]
I heard something about Hayden prepping for movies.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:25 PM]
Hayden works craft services now?

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [1:25 PM]
I wonder if Hayden is better at acting 15 years on?

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:26 PM]
Haven’t seen him in anything else, heard he was in Hail Caesar.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [1:26 PM]
Yes he can. He isn’t Harrison Ford and going in I understand that and don’t need him to do pantomime or whatever for two hours

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:26 PM]
Alden was okay in Beautiful Creatures. The book was crap

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:27 PM]
@ Dom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child OK, for the record, you personally have no problem if they take liberties with the Solo character, so long as the movie itself is fun and entertaining.
Some people are going in with a mental checklist. “He better tell somebody to never tell him the odds”, etc…

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:29 PM]
I wonder if Alden has watched the new movies to try to get some of Adam Driver’s body language. So they look like father and son body language wise.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [1:29 PM]
I’m not going to compare him critically towards Harrison Ford. I just don’t think thats fair in the least. What I want to see from FNG is a decent performance, he’s a young Han Solo, before A New Hope (hopefully not right up to it, looking at you Rogue One. You shit.) So I think he can bring his own swagger, if he has any, to it.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:29 PM]
I wonder if Alden has watched the original Star Wars!
Some actors say that they don’t want to see a prior performance of a character, so that they don’t subliminally do an impression.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:30 PM]
And that’s a question. A lot of younger people were introduced to Star Wars via the prequels. So he may not have seen the original movies

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:31 PM]
I’ll give it a chance. Not gonna get my hopes up after The Last Jedi but I’ll still go see it. I hope it does well and brings something substantial to the franchise.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:31 PM]
Tom Holland said he had never seen The Empire Strikes Back.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [1:32 PM]
Isn’t the big problem with these films that they are just impressions of things we remember from the OT? A different take on Han Solo to me is a breath of fresh air frankly.
Roger Moore wasn’t Sean Connery, etc.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:32 PM]
And yet Rian Johnson gave a “different take” on Luke Skywalker, and we all saw how that turned out.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:33 PM]
@Darth Busey Exactly!

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:33 PM]
But like I said earlier Solo isn’t Bond.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [1:33 PM]
That’s what you call not trying hard enough.

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:33 PM]
Let’s wrap this up. Everybody, please give a final statement on this trailer, and whether it’s encouraged or discouraged you about the film’s prospects.

Small KKKnittingknerd [ 1:34 PM]
I will see it. I probably will see it at a 10 am showing with my sister. And I will probably make inappropriate jokes the entire time.
Then get pancakes.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:34 PM]
I’ll give Solo a chance. Not gonna get my hopes up after The Last Jedi but I’ll still go see it. I hope it does well and brings something substantial to the franchise. The trailer has my interest peaked more than before, but I’m cautiously optimistic about any prequel series.

Small DomDom_Deluise’s_Armpit_Child [1:34 PM]
It’s going to be expensive, washed out and probably too long. Likely forgettable.

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [1:36 PM]
I have no intention of liking this movie.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:36 PM]
@The Spark That Bled HAHA!

Small SparkThe Spark That Bled [1:37 PM]
Anyone else not wearing pants?

Small PopsGottaHaveMyPops [1:37 PM]
If it’s any good, it’ll be despite the best efforts of everyone involved.

Small AndyAndy Dufresne [1:38 PM]

Small BuseyDarth Busey [1:39 PM]
Much like a blaster, the handling of this movie has been random and clumsy, as well.

As I’ve noted previously, I’m willing to give this movie a chance, although Star Wars as a franchise is on a pretty short leash with me nowadays.  I found some of the imagery in the trailer to be visually striking, but I will no longer plop down my money to see Star Wars movies without some kind of good word of mouth from now on.

My thanks to all of the Gobs for taking 80 minutes out of their busy days to talk about a 1 minute and 40 second trailer.

Until next time.