The Complete Elmore: Volume I is an autobiography of the legendary TSR artist Larry Elmore that also contains every single piece of color artwork that he created in his entire career through 2012. Arguably the most popular D&D affiliated artist of all time, this book is a must for his fans, which is pretty everyone that rolled a d12 when Ronald Reagan was POTUS.

Hell, there’s a good chance one of his covers is the whole reason you got into tabletop gaming — I know it was mine.

The autobiographical portion of the book covers his early life as well as his years at TSR.

There’s a lot of great information in here regarding his time working on Dragonlance, the colored box sets, and Dragon magazine covers.

All of this information is nice to have, but the reason to buy the book is for approximately 300 pages of artwork. When I said “every single piece of color artwork” earlier, I meant it.

The Red Box cover? Its in here. The Dragonlance novel covers? They are in here. Starfrontiers? In here. You get the idea.

The book is available for purchase directly from Elmore’s website.

Below is a sampling of what you can find inside.