So sometimes there’s a lot of questions on “wokeness” and why we hate it so much. The Batwoman trailer has one line that exemplifies “wokeness” and why its a problem. 

Batwoman remarks the suit needs to be changed. Lucius (Luke?) Fox says the suit is perfection. She replies:

“It will be. When it fits a woman.”

No no no no NO NO NO!!! The line should be:

“When it fits me.” 

This is what’s so stupid about this tribalism, it undercuts their own power. They actually make themselves look weaker and dumber. 

“A woman?”

So are all women exactly the same size? Are they interchangeable? There’s nothing unique or special about any of them? How does one stand out above the others? This makes her unimportant. We can just change her out with some other woman cause apparently the only thing important is the suit. 

A hero is a hero because that individual is the one willing to make the choices that others aren’t. Why do we need Ruby Rose? We apparently just need “a woman.” They all look alike, sounds alike, and all have the same goals.

This line makes her look weak and stupid.

She needs to be the ONE to do this. She’s the only one willing to do this. That’s the point!

It’s what makes a character worth investing in because of their uniqueness.

She is saying, she’s NOT unique. If she gets turned to jelly in the suit, just hose it off and get a new woman. It’s apparently one size fits all and all women have exactly the same goals and abilities. 

There’s nothing special about her then. They pretend this is a girl power moment but instead it exposes their insecurities to stand on their own, away from the tribe. To be unique, to be special is hard because if you fail, it’s all on you. 

And that’s scary. 

It’s why the writers make it this way. They are also insecure babies. If this show fails, it’s because we hate all women. Then they don’t take the blame. Social justice is just another word for cowardice.

This is why we hate it. They elevated the tribe over the individual and weakened her from the very start. It’s why it’s all failing and why it’s not resonating. 

And dump the stupid red wig. It’s really bad.