I’ve seen the final scene from The Empire Strikes Back for a couple of months now.

The direction by Kershner is just amazing. It’s possibly the best-directed movie of all time.

Here are my observations:

  • Models are infinitely better than CGI
  • The glowing engines on the X-Wings lend infinite credibility to the shot
  • The sound design is incredible. Sublime.
  • There are six lines of dialogue in 2 minutes. 8 if you count a droid.
  • Leia doesn’t speak. She’s so heart-stricken. But Chewie reminds her of Han. And her smile makes it all OK.
  • “Ow!” Luke, despite all of the bad shit that just happened to him, is still a dumb-fuck farmboy.
  • Lando is grinning as they take off. It’s not some “It’s so serious” nonsense. It’s just another adventure. He’s happy to be involved. And so are we.
  • The last line of dialogue goes to a droid.

This is one of the greatest scenes in one of the greatest ideas in human history.