Greetings, Programs!

Day 8

OK Goblins, the list below are films that I have never seen in my life. Nor do I ever intend to watch.

First thing I will disclose is that I’m not a big comedy buff. Not sure why but it is something that I seek out too often now. This goes for TV as well. I quit Seinfeld during the first season, never watched Friends, How I Met Your Mother, I watched 10 minutes of Big Bang Theory before switching it off.

A couple of months ago I was convinced to take a look at Tropic Thunder by Walking Of Wolves. I wasn’t going to, but he said enough to get me to check it out. I can’t stand Jack Black, but despite him, I actually enjoyed the movie.

Now here we are, full swing into the Christmas season, all you see are lists everywhere, (like here), about the best this, and the best that. Several lists I have been looking at while working on the 12 Days Of Christmas articles have been about the best Christmas films.

I noticed several that I had not watched, but have never been inspired to see them either.

Perhaps one of you can change my mind on why I should watch the following:

A Christmas Story (1983)

I typically like Bob Clark films, I’ve seen most of his early work up to Porky’s 2. I never saw the appeal in A Christmas Story, however. Plus there’s something creepy about that kid Peter Billingsley, I feel the same way about young Ricky Schroder.

Christmas Vacation (1989)

Look, I love the original Vacation, and like European Vacation, but after Spies Like Us, ¡Three Amigos! and Caddyshack II I stopped watching films starring Chevy Chase. Seriously, not one film since Caddyshack II.

Jingle All The Way (1996)

I was never a big fan of Arnold’s comedies. I only watched Kindergarten Cop and Twins once, I never bothered to see this nor Junior.

Plus it stars Sinbad.

Elf (2003)

Let me get this clear, I can’t stand Will Ferrell.

At all.

I have never seen any film that he is the star of. I can tolerate him in roles like Mustafa in the Austin Powers movies. But anything more than a cameo/bit part and I’m out.

I think it would take a physical threat to my family to get me to watch it.

Or a million dollars.

Bad Santa (2003)

Not a big Billy Bob fan, but I do like Bernie (R.I.P.), this one may be the easiest to sway me to watch.

Still never got the appeal of this one.

So there you have it, I can live my life contently if I never see these movies, but perhaps you can change my mind!