Well, Folks… Here We Are

This is it. The end of the Star Wars Skywalker saga and this clip is how they are getting us exciting about it:

Sure, they can fly… but just like Star Wars movies, they can also crash and burn.

And that patented JJ Abrams, millennial cutie-pie doublespeak… all so tiresome in 2019.


Being a huge Star Wars mark, I’ve tried to be optimistic about these films, I really have.

The Last Jedi had some flashes of brilliance, but those flashes were tamped out with, well, the rest of the movie.

The Rise of Skywalker looks to be more of the same lazy, uninspired storytelling we got with the previous two entries.

I’m hoping something will give me a reason to love the Sequel Trilogy the way I fell in love with the Prequel Trilogy, which was through memes and The Clone Wars.

Image result for clone wars memes"

Like the prequels, time will tell. Maybe if we get a Chinese to English translation sub of the Sequel Trilogy, I’ll reconsider.

Until then, I blame Kathleen “No Source Material” Kennedy.