Star Wars Is Coming To Belfast

Belfast will be the center of the universe when the latest stand-alone Star Wars movie begins filming there in 2019.

“Who’s the more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?”

Fortunate staff employed at the Belfast’s Paint Hall Studios in the Titanic Quarter have been informed that once production wraps on the final series of Game Of Thrones later this year, the Disney sci-fi saga will be right behind it. Speculation is mounting that the film will be directed by Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot, The Reader and TV series The Crown).

George Lucas spent time in Northern Ireland last November and was given a tour of the Paint Hall studios. Paint Hall sources said Lucas was hugely impressed by the Belfast studio. Now he’s given his seal of approval it seems.

This new franchise feature doesn’t have a release date yet and there’s also no word on casting. Film Goblin will let you know all this when we find out.


  1. Just watched the Kevin Costner flick 3 Days to Kill and I want Amber Heard as Aunt Beru in this. Think she was a manipulator who tested Kenobi’s dedication to his Jedi ways. You can tell in a New Hope that Old Ben didnt give a frak that Owen and Beru were toasted obvious back story there.

    Got to be better than a Kenobi film with him just sitting in his hut polishing his light sabres.

    • I don’t recall owning any droids. Also, I totally knew your father. In fact, I chopped his legs off. And left him to die on a lava planet. Now he’s Darth Vader. Just so you know!

      Also, didn’t Luke seem really over-interested in redeeming his father after watching Vader murder Obiwan, who was like his surrogate father? Kids. Fucking ungrateful, that’s what they are.

  2. As I’ve said on Twitter…
    Mark my words…given where Kennedy seems determined to take Star Wars; Obi Wan will be the first openly gay or bisexual character in the franchise.

    And…she and the director be praised by the echo chambe for their bold, inclusive and unexpected direction, while fuck wits like those jack offs at Collider will fellate her midget fist sized agenda pushing clit with a ferocity not seen in Hollywood since Pryor blew Brando high from freebasing.

    Yeah…I’m hopeful for this…can’t ya tell?

  3. I really want McGregor to keep this gig. Can you imagine… ‘but I did my time. I did what George told me for nine fucking years, and now Kenobi gets his own movie, and you’re dumping me for Gerard Cunting Butler??!!!’

  4. So what it should be is a Western, Pale Rider style, but set in the backwaters of Tatooine.

    What KK will no doubt present will be some kind Prequel, with sassy sidekick.

  5. This has a chance of being decent. You have a talky erudite character ( isnt he actually the most powerful Jedi in the Star Wars universe – beats Anakin / Vader, Never loses his cool and is resourceful and has a plan and oh yeah, immortal.)
    It’s the one movie you could dump A METRIC FUCKTON of expositional dialogue into it and no one would complain. This movie could enhance the Star Wars universe greatly by actually learning about how the fuck it’s all put together.
    ‘Ah yes in the days of the old republic we Jedi thought that midi chlorians gave a force user his power, now cooler heads prevail and reason has taught us that they merely indicate the potential …. we no longer adhere to such beliefs…’
    Help me Ewan McGregor, you’re my only hope.

      • Ding. That’s definitely the problem with TFA and TLJ. Rogue One demonstrated some familiarity with the Star Wars universe. Which is why it’s the best of the new mediocre Star Wars movies.

      • Yeah unless they import some EU writers with a feel for the universe it’s likely to be an anaemically plotted toy fest.

    • I wouldn’t say he “beat” Vader in the duel but I like what you’re thinking. The Clone Wars did a Yoda episode that explored the whole the mystical aspects of the Force. I would love to see something like that played out on film with Obi-Wan. But the current Brass will probably make it Shane with a lightsaber.

  6. If they cast anyone other than MacGregor, I’m out. Did not like the prequels much but he was fuxking great in them. If they recast Ben or anyone if he’s on Tatooine in the film, Star Wars will be dead to me.

  7. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck.

    Coz, this film should have already been made because no one wants to see Solo, no one wanted Solo to be made, no one said “yeah, great idea…. let’s see a movie about a young, callow Han Solo.”

    But this story could be interesting. Unfortunately I have no faith in the current Star Wars production team. Still, please don’t suck, please don’t suck…..

  8. What will be this films equivalent to a Porg be? Gotta sell those toys. That’s the real purpose of the new Star Wars movies . Toys and merchandise. All other priorities recinded.

  9. Not related to the topic, but so glad I’ve finally found a decent film site after abandoning AICN due to the fact it is dying and run by a sex pest – took me a while to find you guys, but glad I have. Room for a small one?

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