my review of porgs action figures by ebob junior

hey gang your just in time for flim goblins fist ever action figure review!

i heard out on face book that STAR WARS BLACK SERIES PORGS were out so i hopped on my bike and rode to 13 different target stores until i found them. WORTH IT!

let me tell you a little bit about these porgs. they come in a box and you get not one but two. i believe they are made out of plastic and then painted with paint.

my farvorite porg is the one with wings you can pose them and his feet too. his wings are on balls joints but the legs are only swivel joints. the other porg in the box is a special needs porg it was born with out legs.

they made these the size for the six inch BLACK SERIES figures but you can use them to play with your smaller figures too and then you have giant porgs look out KYLO REN!

i like these porgs alot i named the one with legs junior and the one with out legs beth.

keep it cool,
ebob junior

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