hey gang welcome back for another episode of R AND R starring ROSE TICO and ROBOCOP!

“rose! finn and poe have been captured by the fist order!” said robocop. “what should we do?” said robocop.

“what do you mean we? im gonig to infiltate the enemies ship and save what i love. you stay here and guard the base.” said rose.

“good luck rose!” said robocop.

using the stealth technogy on board her ship that she her self invented rose was able to enter the hanger on the fist orders ultimate star destroyer undetected. as she was making her way down a hall way she saw a white walker in front of her. she knew it was time to fight.

the white walker was no match for rose. his neck was borken and he died. “winter is over.” said rose.

rose heard a voice. it sounded like a robot be cause it was a robot.

“what are you dong here?” said ultron.

“im here to rescue my boy friend! and you cant stop me!” said rose.

“you know im made of virbanium right?” said ultron.

“let me help you rose. together we can defeat this metal monster!” said super man.

“i dont need your help super man i can do this by my self!” said rose.

rose punched super man in right in his face and knocked him out cold. “i didnt even hit you as hard as i could have” said rose.

ultron started shooting laser beams at rose but every shot missed she was just too fast! she ran towards ultron and put her fist deep in side him and pulled out his central porcessing unit. “whos next?” said rose as she crushed the porcessing unit in her hand.

“you may have defeated my lackeys rose tico but you will never get past me! i am hector hammond and i am the smartest man in the galaxy! your no match for my giant brain!” said hector hammond.

“you maybe the smartest man but your not the smartest woman! any way its not the size of your brain that counts its how you use it!” said rose.

hector tried as hard as he could to take over roses mind with his tepelathy but he just couldnt he do it her will power was too strong! then his head exploded. “clean up in aisle nine.” said rose.

she finally made it. the room where finn and poe were being held captive was right in front of her. she opened the door and saw the one thing she was not prepared for.


keep it cool,
ebob junior


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