JJ Abrams Reveals That He’s Working Hard (Bet He Is!)

The word is out. During the D23 Expo Japan this weekend, was a special panel presentation dedicated to Marvel and Star Wars. Disney Marketing President Ricky Strauss (escorted by R2-D2 and C-3PO) spoke about the Disney Star Wars saga and introduced a special video greeting from J.J. Abrams.

In the greeting, Abrams revealed that he was hard at work co-writing the upcoming finale to the new Star Wars trilogy ahead of directing the film this summer.

The D23 Expo 2018 Japan

The reveal that Abrams is still working on the writing for the film also explains why fans haven’t really gotten any clues as to what they might be able to expect for the film, though many have wondered if Abrams’ Episode 9 will course correct the absurd direction Rian Johnson took the trilogy toward in The Last Jedi.

There has been a lot of backlash against writer/director Johnson (under the guidance of Kathleen Kennedy) regarding the decisions he made with The Last Jedi’s story and how wasteful they have been with characters, especially Luke Skywalker.

Bizarrely, Johnson has no regrets about how he created his film.

Remember we used to get excited about Star Wars?

While Abrams’ return to the Disney saga may see some of the threads from The Force Awakens woven into Episode 9, he’s been very outspoken about how he wants to take their franchise “elsewhere”.

Episode 9 starts filming this summer but it wasn’t the only STAR WARS-related news out of D23 Expo Japan. After Abrams’ message, fans got a taste of brand new, behind the scenes footage for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Star Wars Episode 9 opens worldwide December 20, 2019. Solo: A Star Wars Story opens May 25th.


  1. Apart from the fact that Johnson’s smugness is insufferable, the Disney apologists’ attempts to categorise outraged fans as misogynistic white men is deplorable. I am not white. I despise the movie. This movie has generated some of the best youtube (and elsewhere) commentary about why it is a terrible movie that I have seen, for any movie. I won’t go into what the excellent commentators complain about, but patriarchal white man syndrome has nothing to do with it. The Disney propaganda juggernaut has taken aim at detractors in a bid to delegitimatise their respective characters (he’s a woman hater), rather than addressing their arguments and concerns (why Mary Poppins Leia is stupid).

    At any rate, I don’t care about Star Wars anymore. I haven’t paid to see any Star Wars movie after ‘Force Awakens’, nor do I plan to. I am not alone. Good job, Kathleen Kennedy et. al.

  2. Episode IX

    The Saviour Of The Force

    Princess Leia is dead. Killed in a shuttle crash which also claimed the life of the pilot, Rose Tico.

    Meanwhile Rey, actually being trained this time by the Force ghost of Luke and Yoda, finally reads the sacred Jedi texts she stole from that rocky place in the last two movies. This actually gives her some clue as to why she is so powerful with the Force.

    On Canto Bight, an attempted uprising by Force sensitive children has been brutally put down and they have all been killed, so we never have to hear from them, or return to that pointless planet, ever again.

    Chewie has cleaned all the Porgs out of the Falcon and now races across the galaxy to deliver an important message to the Rebels…

  3. I hope JJ throws out TLJ just like Rian threw out TFA.

    Luke died, huh? Nope!! Rey finds a passage in the Jedi texts that bring recently deceased Jedi back from the dead. BOOM…

    Snoke was a nobody? NOPE! the same passage that brings Luke back to Life also brings back Snoke, to bring balance to the Force. Snoke’s origins are revealed. BoooooM!

    Rey’s parents were white trash nobodies who sold her for space crank? NOPE!! er…something, something, Obi-wan Kenobee!!

    JJ should come out and kick Rian Johnson right in the nuts.

    • Snoke lived and crawled into space, force dreaming until another Knight of Ren found him.

      Luke disappearing on that legendary island was not him dying, the island has a force defense mechanism that imprisons all who draw power from it. Luke is trapped with the first dark lord of the sith.

      Chewie will eat a human being.

      Maz is dead in between episodes and left a series of holovids not showing her face explaining all plotholes.

      Finn gives his life to eliminate the First Order once and for all. He’s not a fucking Jedi.

      Leia dies, Poe is Supreme Commander of the Alliance. (BOOM BIGGEST FUCK YOU OF ALL)

    • Lets really fix this (to whatever extent we can).

      Luke fading out at the end like that turns out to be just a flicker. He reappears moments into Ep9. This is payback for RJ turning that intense and pained look Luke gave Rey at the end of Ep8 into a one-note bit of throw-away physical comedy. Clearly that was a setup for something important but it was carelessly discarded by the inept fraud who made Ep9.

      Open the movie with his robe blowing away and then sit there for a good 10 seconds hearing the sounds of the ocean before Luke fades back into existence covered in sweat and nearly exhausted. In amazement he looks at his arms hands, feels his own face as if he can’t believe that he was able to come back from that. It took every ounce of power he could channel to keep from dying there but he managed. Yoda appears in front of him nodding with approval and just a hint of pride.

      Yoda sends Chewie a message through the force telling him to come back to the island for Luke but it’s just not possible at the moment. the First Order are all over the Falcon and the survivors onboard from the moment they take off so Luke is left to his own devices to get off of Ahch-To. We see him pull his sunken X-Wing out of the ocean only to find that it’s been there far too long to ever fly again. Then we see something we’d never, ever imagine happen. The character of Maz Kanata actually gets used for something productive. Luke (or Yoda, not sure which) uses the force to call her for help and she gets him off of the planet. Hell, we’re stuck with her it seems so we might as well put her to good use.

      She shows up with a ship (That should make Disney happy. Make it something iconic looking that will make good toys) and they proceed to chase the First Order who are chasing the Falcon. Bring along Yoda’s Force Ghost too so he can do more than smirk and laugh in this one. This is probably his (and Luke’s) real swan-song so put him to work too. Maybe have Yoda pay a little Force Ghost visit to Kylo now. Show him helping to train Rey while Luke continues to recover on Maz’s ship. Give her something to do other than sit there and act smug like she knows everything but won’t tell.

      Adventures and shit ensue. This isn’t rocket science. Make a Goddamn Star Wars movie at least once in three tries. Is that too much to ask? In the end have Luke truly face Kylo Ren and try to save him the (sort of) way he faced and tried to save his father but have THIS be the scene that doesn’t go the way he thinks. He failed Kylo like Obi Wan failed Anakin once long ago. It will be up to Rey to pick up the pieces but she’ll have FG Yoda and Luke to turn to along with Maz who now actually serves a purpose since she’s involved in things.

        • Yeah but try as I might I haven’t figured out what to do with Finn. RJ was at least nice enough to put an end to Phasma which I appreciate but Finn just doesn’t need to be there and yet to discard him would invite mountains of SJW condemnation. He has to be put to work somehow but as comic relief I think he’s a bust. Maybe with some training he could become a solid member of the Resistance ground forces? Maybe ditch him for a movie once this one ends with our heroes reaching a safe Resistance base (following the tragic loss of Leia and Luke who made their survival possible) or maybe Chewie could take him under his wing and put a few edges on this dumb ass. He could still be funny at times but let him run with Chewie on the Falcon and make him grow up some more. He’s too kid-like for my taste and has had zero character development since he went in the Bacta tank following his getting filleted by Kylo on Star Killer Base.

          But he’s a living connection to Han Solo (however brief it was) so maybe he could become Chewie’s co-pilot?

          • Finn is definitely a worthless, uninteresting character. In TFA, instead of making him a janitor, they should have made him a special ops storm trooper who finally just had enough of killing innocent people. That would give him an interesting past to play with. He could constantly suggest very extreme measures to problems and the other characters could be like “uh no Finn, we can’t nuke the entire city bro…” As it is, he’s not even a good side kick.

          • Maybe the only “good” thing about Finn is that they’ve done so little with him really that at this point he could be used as sort of a blank slate for a good writer (assuming Lucasfilm has any interest in talking to one of those) to actually turn him into somebody who could be interesting and who could be the focus of truly interesting plot points. Yeah they started out with the janitor/maintenance job but he was eventually a Stormtrooper going down to Jaku so he must have had some training somewhere. It’s what we got to work with so we gotta use it.

            The forced Rose connection was terribly done but maybe you could salvage something there by developing a friendship there that then leads to both of them taking on more serious roles in the Resistance doing shit that actually matters instead of walking around a casino looking for someone to crack a lock.

          • Rose definitely needs to be killed off. The problem with all this is that the last movie in the trilogy isn’t where you should start developing you characters. It boggles my mind that these writers can’t handle rudimentary character development.

  4. I’m not expecting great things from Episode 9. By now it’s abundantly clear that no one guiding these films has any idea what they’re doing, no grand vision. It’s a collection of hacks and half-wits showing us their amateur attempts and telling us if we don’t like it, then it’s entirely our problem. It’s just too deep and heavy for us regular people. So they’ll dig in their heels and “drink our fanboy tears.” So be it.

    Star Wars is over. I’m making my peace with it. Just as I did with Trek.


    • They wing, write each story as the project comes, and deploy elaborate bait and switch tactics within the office to weed out potential leaks. The modern movie studio is an efficient movie studio.

    • In this respect I agree that there should be a new bible prepared for the next 3, 6 or 9 future Star Wars movies which will continue to extend forward the Skywalker trilogy. If they need to hire George on as a story consultant, do it. But they at least need someone to sketch out a master plan they can sort of follow so the new writers and directors can make sure there’s ultimately a point to the story arcs.

  5. At this point, I couldn’t give a fuck about SW.

    All of this chaps claim that they want to go off in different directions…..

    Yet SW has never been more directionless.

  6. Am I the only one that thinks maybe they shoulda had an outline for the *whole* story BEFORE they started making these 3 movies?! So they are just wingin it as they go?! REALLY?

  7. People, the day has come where I (and prob many others) dont give 2 shits about ST, SW, or Alien. If it was not for the Marvel Superheros, I would not have seen a movie in the theater for 10 years. I would like to care about ST again. I would love to care about SW again. I would FUCKING LOVE to look forward to the next Alien movie. What the fucking fuck!!!!


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