The Hits Just Keep on Coming

From their collapsing attendance at their new Galaxy’s Edge Exhibit at Disneyland to their steady decline in sales from merchandising post-The Last Jedi, comes news that even the Federal Government (i.e. The Empire…in real life…) doesn’t care about the Mouse House’s problems.

This is actually an empty shell.

The TSA has stated that the new Galaxy’s Edge Coke bottles, designed to look like JJ-R2D2, are on the “banned” list of approved items if you’re carrying them while flying domestically—and probably internationally—in the US.

The Empire Doesn’t Care About Disney’s Feelings…

Hello. We’re from the Empire…er…the Federal Government. We’re here to help.

But don’t let me warn you.

Direct from the happy, postal work looking types, at the TSA comes this warning:

“Replica and inert explosives aren’t allowed in either carry-on or checked bags. Even with a normal bottle cap, this item is still considered a replica and is not allowed in carry-on or checked bags. If our officers discover a replica item during screening and believe it’s real, the item will be treated as such until advised otherwise by law enforcement.”

Which, of course, means if you want to get one of these amazing pieces of Star Wars memorabilia home, then you have one, of potentially, three options:

  • Don’t buy it on your visit to Galaxy’s Edge, and wait for it to be everywhere,
  • Buy it on your visit to Galaxy’s Edge, and hope the TSA won’t check your luggage (but don’t worry, they will),
  • Don’t buy it at all, because, who really needs the hassle for something that looks this crappy.

What is the “Woke” Galaxy Edge Visiting Tourist to Do?

I don’t know. Stay at home and watch The Force Awakens, Solo, and The Last Jedi on a loop.

Oh, and wait for these fizzy, sugar water delivery systems to wind up on aisle nine of your local Target store.

Don’t worry, they’ll be there fairly soon.