From the announcement for the Vader — Dark Visions comic:

Who is Darth Vader?

The fallen Jedi has been a symbol of power, a villainous commander, and a Sith warrior. But in 2019, a new limited comic series explores a side of Vader that neither fans nor the galaxy have ever seen before.

Star Wars: Vader — Dark Visions will take readers to the darkest parts of the galaxy — places where the mysterious anti-hero known as Darth Vader can be someone’s greatest fear and even… someone’s greatest hope!

Mysterious anti-hero?

Someone’s greatest hope?

Get the #$%^ outta here!

So, they are going to turn Vader into a good guy?

Well, we can’t say that Mr. Mom Lucas didn’t try to make him sympathetic when he turned the planet-destroying “seduced by the Dark Side” Vader into the easily-misled “Muh Padme!” Vader in the Prequels.

But Disney is doing it because for one simple reason…

No One Cares About The New Characters

This is Google Trends comparing the new characters with Darth Vader.

Only Kylo Ren generates 75% interest and that was on the release of The Force Awakens.

Rey barely reached 50% interest during that same time.

Check out the fall off in interest for The Last Jedi. I guess it was just a vocal minority of alt-right trolls and Russian bots, huh?

Look how Vader consistently maintains popularity even when there are no movies in release.

And what do you do after this current trilogy is over and you have characters no one cares about? Well, you once have one choice…

You Go Back To The Beginning

Or more precisely, right before the beginning… as in a Post-Prequel Trilogy.

All of the main players are still with us:

  • Yoda: He didn’t really stay on Dagobah that whole time did he? Boring!
  • Boba Fett: Stick anyone in that suit of armor. Maybe a chick.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi: Same as Yoda.
  • Lando: Thankfully, his sidekick is now a Twi’lek. A female Twi’lek.
  • Han Solo: No all-powerful corporation controls by career destiny!
  • Chewie: I don’t care what you smell, sign the contract.
  • Qi’ra: The future is all-so-tiresome.gif.
  • Princess Leia: As played by Millie Bobby Brown
  • Darth Vader: Again, just a suit.

I imagine Luke Skywalker is the only character that would be completely off-limits as it is pretty much written in stone that he’d never been off Tatooine before he stepped foot on the Millennium Falcon.

Then again, stranger things have happened: