The Yoast SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Premium box should be under the main editor somewhere.

It is used to provide 3 things that we care about:

  1. A Title, Description and URL for the web page.
  2. A Photo, Title and Description that will appear when the web page is shared on Facebook. This is called a card.
  3. A Photo, Title and Description that will appear when the web page is shared on Twitter. This is also a card, the Twitter card.

Web Page Title, Description and URL

The title will auto-populate from the Post Title at the top of the Post admin page.

You can change this in the SEO Box if you want.

The only reason I can think of it to make a more click-worthy title when the page appears in search engines. Or to shorten it to make it completely readable in search engines.

You Do Have To Write A Description

Or the description will auto-populate from page content. You don’t want to do this. You want to control what people read in search engines.

This description will also auto-populate the descriptions on both the Facebook and Twitter cards.


You can also add keywords that Yoast will look for on the page. This is not critical at all because we are not making an SEO play at this time.

It’s something fun to play with and we might us it in the future.

Facebook Card

Since we are mainly using Facebook to market Film Goblin this is pretty important.

Here Is What Is Important


  1. Make sure your image is something that will grab people’s attention
  2. Replace the Star “Film Goblin” in the Title by selecting your Post Title and pasting it into Facebook Title. Or Make up your own Facebook title. We DO NOT want Star “Film Goblin” in there at all. Facebook already IDs us as Film Goblin.
  3. Make sure your title is:
    • One line, with a few characters buffer on the end of the title -or-
    • Really fucking good if it requires two lines because FB will only display two TOTAL lines. i know what the SEO Box shows us but Facebook has recently changed. It’s ONLY two lines.
      See? Two lines.

      Additionally, Mobile shows only the Title.

      Also, using the web page as a comment only shows the Title.

  4. Make sure the best part of your Facebook Description is also only one line. The total can be 100 lines but only one line will show up.

Twitter Card

I don’t understand Twitter. Yet.

The good news is that the Twitter card will auto-populate based upon (1) Facebook Card and then (2) Web Page Title and Description.