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Last week, review-aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes announced that they removed the stats for Want To See from Captain Marvel once the film started going into the mid 20 percentile:

The media jumped into the fray stating that “Troll Attacks” on Captain MarvelReviews” forced Rotten Tomatoes to “Take Action“:

While searching through the headlines, it was the 26th article that actually led with a more accurate description of the story:

Then the president of Rotton Tomatoes made the following statement:

But how true is that statement? One would wonder why this change was made at this particular point in time. Was it just a coincident that this change was made as Captain Marvel‘s Want To See score was dropping by the hour?

I looked at their site this morning and the fact that a lead story that was about “50 awesome movie moments of female empowerment” makes me think that the Rotten Tomatoes president is full of bovine excrement:

Here are some other examples of dubious Rotten Tomatoes Scores:

Yes, The Room is better than Batman V Superman per Rotten Tomatoes!:

DCEU fans have a hate on for Rotten Tomatoes, but I can see their point about how the scoring there may be questionable:

As for ol’ Cap’n Sourpuss?

Alita: Battle Angel is now in theatres.

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