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Last week, review-aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes announced that they removed the stats for Want To See from Captain Marvel once the film started going into the mid 20 percentile:

The media jumped into the fray stating that “Troll Attacks” on Captain MarvelReviews” forced Rotten Tomatoes to “Take Action“:

While searching through the headlines, it was the 26th article that actually led with a more accurate description of the story:

Then the president of Rotton Tomatoes made the following statement:

But how true is that statement? One would wonder why this change was made at this particular point in time. Was it just a coincident that this change was made as Captain Marvel‘s Want To See score was dropping by the hour?

I looked at their site this morning and the fact that a lead story that was about “50 awesome movie moments of female empowerment” makes me think that the Rotten Tomatoes president is full of bovine excrement:

Here are some other examples of dubious Rotten Tomatoes Scores:

Yes, The Room is better than Batman V Superman per Rotten Tomatoes!:

DCEU fans have a hate on for Rotten Tomatoes, but I can see their point about how the scoring there may be questionable:

As for ol’ Cap’n Sourpuss?

Alita: Battle Angel is now in theatres.


  1. At least they didn’t go with the side shaved institutional haircut for Carol Danvers so there’s your silver lining.

  2. Am I suppose to assume the Want To See score was never inflated by shills and PR firms employed by the studios? I’d find that hard to believe.

    But I’m only suppose to be upset when this tactic if used against the big movie studios?

    Thanks to all this b.s. this will be the first Marvel movie I don’t see in the theaters opening weekend. I’ll wait when it comes to a streaming service, if at all.

    • #1) They aren’t that well organized in terms of technology because… they are ossified… they’ve been doing the same thing for decades…
      #2) Everything is inflated by the corporate media. They tell people what to do. They are the actual “troll army”. But it’s not working…
      #3) We all just voted once. “NO”. We’re not allowed to say “No”. My money, my choice? Fuck,you, incel troll nazi! Spend your money or be the garbage people.

      What continually amazes me is that in all the propaganda over the last 50 years we’ve been told to distrust corporations, question authority, etc. We look at Blade Runner or Brave New World and we’re like “That would never happen. el oh el.” It’s happened. They just turned the switch from “rebel” to “obey”. Truly amazing.

    • Thanks to everyone! Your reasoned and well thought out bitch slapping of that white knight was the best thing I’ve seen this morning.

  3. Samuel L Jackson said: “The mere fact that you would give voice or a platform to people who don’t normally have a platform is part of the problem”. “So, you can have an opinion that you really don’t have to be responsible for because nobody’s gonna see you, nobody’s gonna challenge you on it. If you want to bring somebody down or just ruin somebody’s day, you can say anything.”

  4. Please no one harass this dummy or his people or that site. He’s entitled to his opinion as is anyone. He insulted our people, as is his right. We’re definitely not better than that, we’re definitely not bigger than that but… let’s get back to talking about what we care about. #SaveWhatYouLove

    • It’s funny, I always imagined him as Norm McDonald, you as Cheech and Troll Prince sounds like Styxhexenhammer but boomier.

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