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Sunday Satire: BIRD BOX Fails As A Movie And A Meme

Greetings, Programs! The release of Bird Box has set the world on fire apparently. Personally, I found it rather average and completely forgettable. Having said...

Sunday Satire: PC or NPC? That Is The Question.

Greetings, Programs! Yes this is late, has been a rough 24 hours around here. We are almost back to 100% now. We now resume with our...

Sunday Satire: ‘Tis The Season To Be Salty

Greetings, Programs!   Christmas season is upon us now, what better time to kick off this festive time with this latest Sunday Satire. Yule Not Regret This!      

Sunday Satire: DCEU Or DCEww?

Greetings, Programs! Aquaman is almost ready to flood into your local theatre, so why not have some fun with the DC property? Enjoy!

BOND, James Bond: Sunday Satire

Greetings Programs! It's Sunday, time for more memes, today it's Bond, James Bond, enjoy!            

It’s Marvel Time – Sunday Satire

Greetings Programs! One more tribute to the great Stan Lee, but with tounge firmly in cheek. Enjoy!    

STAR TREK? Why Not? – Sunday Satire

Greetings Programs! No idea for this one just grabbed a bunch of Star Trek Stuff, enjoy!   Cameos Or "Before They Were Stars" Over The Years: Live...

Did Someone Say Memes? Sunday Satire

With that synagogue shooting by that psycho in Philadelphia this weekend, I wondered how long it would take for the progressives to blame Donald...

All Your NPC Memes Are Belong To Us

NPCNN Headline News Hello Peoplekind, we have a breaking story to share with you. There is a new assault on our freedom by our fascist...

AQUAMAN & Other Secondary DC Memes

Aquaman? Really? As a kid, part of the Saturday morning ritual was to get a big bowl of whatever sugary cereal that was in the house...

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