Good evening. For awhile now, Amazon’s been trying to secure a piece of that sweet, sweet Netflix pie, albeit with varying results.

Most recently, they announced their planned prequel series to The Lord of the Rings, and now they’re revealing their new foray into the world of espionage and scary middle-eastern bad guys.

Yes indeed, Tom Clancy’s perennial pencil-pushing spy series is coming back, this time on the small screen! Here’s the first trailer!

Is it just me, or does Jack Ryan become less and less of a badass with each reboot?

First it was Affleck as the wet-behind-the-ears CIA analyst, and then just a couple of years ago Baby Kirk himself Chris Pine briefly held the role. Now we’ve got this Bilbo Baggins-looking whelp.

We’re pretty damn far away from this guy:

Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan
“Get off my plane!”

Anyway, Jack Ryan streams August 31st on smartphones everywhere.

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