I’ve Seen This Trailer For About A Month Now

Come To Daddy pretty much came and went in theaters with no notice from anyone around here or from anyone anywhere. I don’t even think though hipster frauds over at Bad Ass Digest paid any attention to it.

Shame, really, because of all those smaller, personal movies that Elijah Wood decided to make after being Frodo, Come To Daddy seems the most interesting:

Norval Greenwood, a privileged man-child, arrives at the beautiful and remote coastal cabin of his estranged father, who he hasn’t seen in 30 years. He quickly discovers that not only is Dad a disapproving jerk, but he also has a shady past that is rushing to catch up with him. Now, hundreds of miles from his cushy comfort zone, Norval must battle with demons both real and perceived in order to reconnect with a father he barely knows.

Poor Norval, right?

No, fuck Norval. He’s a lying POS that likes to describe people as “close allies.” 

Damn, I love that. Where is Ricky Roma when you need him?

If only every smug, duplicitous, glad-handing, work-shy pussy could be exposed like this. The world would be a much better place, let me tell you.

If you really are interested in the movie itself, and not just a smarmy Millenial ****** being terrified that Old Man Wisdom is going to expose the bullshit stories that he’s been using to impress people, here is the trailer:

You Know Who I Count As An Ally?

The Ringbearer himself, of course. The wee lad dropped this sly blast the other day:

How indeed, young hobbit.

Wood is one of us. It’s only a matter of time before he comes out against forced feminist action flicks… any day now.

Until then you can avoid boredom while you wait to die by watching Come To Daddy when it’s released on VOD and Blu March 24.

Say, didn’t Gollum fall into the lava on March 24th?

Wheels within wheels.

Come to Daddy (2019)