Some People Have Moved On From The MCU

But not us, not us.

We thought we were done, we thought we were finished.

Cap’s old, Tony’s dead and a new terror is rising to confront lead The Avengers.

Fortunately, it’s the movies so we can go back in time to when one woman — an attractive woman, a less nasty woman — was all an Avengers fan needed to feel like he has checked that box, filled that quota.

We’re talking about the shawtee in the tight black leather, outwitter of Tricksters, calmer of Big Guys, that Russian agent who doesn’t influence elections, /ourgirl/ Black Widow. 

And it only took her dying in Avengers: Endgame for her to get a solo movie.

Unfortunately, Not Seeing Much Male Gaze

Three magnificent celebrity asses in this movie and not one close-up in a trailer?

We truly live in dark times, brothers.

What do we see in this “fambly cut?”

  • Well, lots of family stuff. This is another smart move from The Smartest Man Alive. Outside of Hawkeye’s rural bliss, we’ve only seen surrogate families in the MCU. Now we get a real one and they all are fighters. Families get families. 
  • Taskmaster has a ninja sword and some Black Panther claws. 
  • Taskmaster controls all the other widows.
  • The trailer actually names “Taskmaster”, which is an odd play for the Superhero Federation as no one knows who this character is. Again, this seems directed toward kids and families.

Funny that Marvel isn’t moving the opening of this movie due to CoronaChan.

Maybe the Bond people were lying. Maybe they need to fix their nasty, nasty movie.

Everyone is going to see Black Widow on May 1, 2020.

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