I Can’t Say I’ve Been Looking Forward To Bond 25

I’m not into Bond. With the exception of Goldeneye and Casino Royale, all of the entries are either locked into their individual time periods or just self-indulgent filmmaking.

Add to this lack of franchise devotion all of the soapboxing lessons that have been injected into the narrative in the run-up to the release of No Time To Die and I was openly opposed to even giving it a chance.

Now, because of this new TV spot, I’m not sure what to think:

Is Our Audience Learning?

What did you see, dear reader?

Bond is seen with two different weapons in this TV spot, wearing two different outfits at two different locations. This means at least two different shootouts.

Bond uses the AKS-74U rifle
Bond opening up with the AKS-74U rifle
Bond about to detonate a bomb holding his suppressed Colt MK 18

This is great news for those of us who are fans of action and not lectures, but I’m not yet finished! From the previous trailer, there is another shootout with a yet third automatic rifle in a different place with Bond wearing different clothing!

Agent Sourpuss in the Dismal Wood with the Beretta ARX-160

So, three shootouts to go with at least three big-time, practical vehicle stunt set pieces.

Mini-gun car
Isuzu Trooper?

This is just too much action for me to stay away.

Then again, we still have two months for Sony to ruin it for us.

Don’t think they won’t try.