This Bosch Trailer is A Joke. Right?

It’s kind of like the 1970’s a little bit with streaming show trailers lately: Lines for food. Lines for gas. Trapped inside. Nothing to do but watch disaster television streaming to your device.

And then this comes along:

Hollywood homicide Detective Coltrane never backs down when it comes to seeking justice. Based on the mega-bestselling novels by Michael Connelly, Coltrane’s beat is the dirty underbelly of Los Angeles. Shaped by his own traumatic history, he works relentlessly to expose dangerous criminals, no matter how lowly or well-connected.

Here is the trailer:

Well, What the Hell. Why Not Have a Dog Detective?

Having slept through the first five episodes of the first season of Bosch on Amazon Prime, it remains up to others to inform about whether this “spin-off” is true to the source material or not.

However, as a “bit” it seems really designed to brighten your miserable day. Which is all entertainment can really do right now.

What Are We To Make of All of This?

Bosch was renewed for a seventh and final season before coronavirus came along and blew the hell out of everything. So maybe, this is just meant as a cute little distraction to tide over the “true fan” while the show is on hiatus and season six is apparently in the can.

And besides, dogs and other animals can’t get COVID-19.

Bosch, season six, drops on Amazon Prime on April 17, 2020.