I’m not sure I have the heart to do much more than paste in the YouTube link but… you clicked, you’re here, so I owe you what you’ve come to expect from Film Goblin.


First, This Is A Great Story

During World War II, prior to the Imperial Japanese (Jap) attack on Pearl Harbor, a number of US pilots volunteered to help train the Chinese Air Force.

Their official designation was the First American Volunteer Group (AVG) but they were better known as The Flying Tigers.

Rolling. Turning. Diving. All Day. No Breaks.

Thirteen days after the dastardly Japanese attack on the American Pacific Fleet the Flying Tigers moved from training the Chinese to shooting down Zeros themselves.

In six months the 3 squadrons of Tigers — 99 flyers in total, one had to stay behind because he fought for the commies in Spain — took down 296 Jap aircraft while only losing 14 pilots. It’s one of the best air combat kill-ratios of the entire Second World War.

So this story is a walk in the park. I mean, it writes itself! This thing’s a day at the beach, it’s a come-on, it’s fish in a barr-

Enter The Golem

Now here comes the re-animated corpse of Mr. Willis, in partnership with two Chinese writers, a Chinese director, the Chinese Communist government, a wheelbarrow of Yuan and a necromancer, to give this story of selfless courage the proper treatment it deserves.

I wonder if slapping an Asian man was in his contract?

To put Bruce’s fall from greatness in context, between Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (2014) and Death Wish (2018), Willis has starred in the following movies that you missed:

  • Acts of Violence
  • First Kill
  • Once Upon a Time in Venice
  • Marauders
  • Precious Cargo
  • Extraction
  • Rock the Kasbah
  • Vice
  • The Prince

I don’t expect Air Strike to deviate much from this pattern. John McClane is truly dead.

However, if you are interested in this incredible story, you will be happy to know that Randall Wallace, writer of Braveheart and We Were Soldiers, is penning a script for Skydance Pictures.

And there is always this from 1942:

Is this a Mexican or a Spanish poster? Did they have movie theaters in Mexico in 1942?

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