The I.N.C.E.L. Victory Was Not Complete

It looks like we spoke too soon, brothers.

The Twitter-backed forces of Affluent White Female Liberals have struck from their hidden fuckboi base with the new Charlie’s Angels trailer.

How Will We Ever Recover?

All the AWFL tropes are there:

  • Sisterhood
  • Clothes. Free clothes. Also borrowing clothes.
  • “Humanitarian aid”
  • Wacky, wedding photobooth selfies
  • “You’re adorable!” bantz that went out of style 5 years ago. Also appearing in the Zombieland 2 trailer.
  • Day drinking

Did I miss any?

I Don’t Give A Shit

So, let’s check the YouTube comments!

  • “This makes the last Ghostbusters movie look like Inception.”
  • “The singer list for the album is bigger than the damn film cast 😂”
  • “Why Kristen Stewart is on a film like this? I see her face and is depressing.”
  • “My brain is having a hard time processing the sight of Kristen Stewart smiling and having fun. I’m used to seeing her angst-ridden, distraught and sullen.”
  • “It’s weird that she wrote such a large part for “Bosley” that’s more of an Auntie of the Angels part for herself because she’s too old to be an angel herself. It’s kinda weird and cringey. It detracts from the real angel team.”
  • “Liberals: handguns, muscle cars, and beating up people of color = toxic masculinity Also liberals: Charlie’s Angels, bang bang vroom vroom punchy kicky chinaman! Gurl power!”

Damn, this might be my go-to for writing up shitty trailer articles. These people’s takes are way funnier than what I can come up with!

I did, however, notice this:

Take that, you emcels!

Don’t let your wives, girlfriends, daughters or sisters go see Charlie’s Angels when it steals a male-fronted action movie’s space in theaters on November 15, 2019.