“This Is Lame, Charles.”

“This is really fucking lame.”

Back before #RealityCanceled, before the quarantine, before Trump said “China Virus” and started a war, I really enjoyed the Steve Coogan The Trip movies. Mainly because they let other people know I was a sophisticated, worldly man into fine wines and fine cuisine. 

The idea of jetting off to a foreign country just to drive around sample the food and drink of that country was a goal meant only for the 10%.

I go to France and you don’t

You fucking rubes stay home.

Unfortunately, the The Trip movies have become a sort of fantasy-by-proxy for meth-moms and box-wine aunts, so Coogan and his co-star David Brydon have started to pander to these human leeches.

Case in point, this absolutely crap clip from their new movie, The Trip To Greece:

El Oh El

They was singing songs! Like in Bathhouse Karaoke!

How the mighty have downsized. I remember when this series was exclusive.

When it was for people who could not only afford caviar but also knew the difference between sturgeon and garbage-chute-tier, food court salmon roe!

Remember The Trip To Spain? Ah, those were the days…

Remember My Cocaine in The Trip?

I remember. I also remember the civilization when Nia Vardalos was a movie star.

Was that rambling enough for you fucking *******?