One Ping Only

Hulu’s 8-part series Das Boot will not be a re-imagining of the 1981 German classic, instead, it will be a sequel, set one year after the events of the original movie.

Cast of Das Boot TV sequel

This was confirmed in a tweet from IGN’s Peer Schneider, with the production company Bavaria Film responding:

“It’s not a remake. New submarine. New crew. New story. We would not/will not ever remake the 1981’s classic.”

The original Das Boot followed the adventures of a U-96 submarine, this sequel series is set in the fall of 1942 and centers on a U-612 with a crew of 40 captained by Klaus Hoffmann.

The story, written by Tony Saint and Johannes W. Betz, begins after the Allies have cracked Germany’s famous Enigma code, allowing them to track submarine fleets. It follows Simone Strasser back in the French port town of La Rochelle, who is caught between her loyalty to Germany, the Resistance, and her fella.

It will premiere on Sky in the UK and Ireland, on November 23. No dates for the US release was given.