This week is shaping up to be a big one for summer movie trailers. Yesterday, the final Jurassic World 2 trailer dropped. Never one to be outdone, the Merc with the Mouth drops from the sky with a slew of new of muties in this, the final trailer for Deadpool 2:

The new preview shows off a lot of DP action, including glimpses at heretofore-unannounced appearances from X-Force members including Iron Fist‘s Lewis Tan as a wrong-looking Shatterstar, ex-football star and Expendable Terry Crews as Bedlam, and Japanese idol Shiori Kutsuna as… Psylocke? Surge? We’ll have to see.

Incidentally, It’s good to hear LL Cool J getting some play after all these years.

LL Cool J wears a hat
My hat is like a shark’s fin!

As for the action, it seems pretty generic, but then the big draw seems to still be Deadpool’s fourth-wall destroying quips, which are in full effect here, including jabs at DC, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even some bite-the-hand pokes at Fox. Here’s hoping Deadpool and Co. don’t overplay their hand, and thus, overstay their welcome.

Fox also showed off a nifty little suite of international posters, displaying some characteristic irreverence.

Deadpool 2, ahem, releases on May 18th.