That’s The Gentlemen. Plural. 

For some reason, I’ve read the title of the movie as The Gentleman since last October, when STX dropped the first trailer on us out of the fucking blue!

I’ve seen that original trailer a few times in front of some movies this Holiday season and am so far unimpressed.

Despite the decent cast, it just seems a little too rote, a little too much of a retread. 

Additionally, STX is absolutely flooding the box with clips and ads which leads me to believe they have no faith in the film at all.

Just compare this marketing to the custom collateral Lionsgate rolled out for Knives Out, a film with a similar budget and ensemble cast.

Let’s see if some of these previews can breathe some life into The Gentlemen:

TV Ads

The “More of a death, really.” line is almost worthy of 20th century Ritchie. 

Again with that line stolen from Collateral.

Shill blurbs from unknown-tier review websites like Outtake and Jam Report don’t give me much confidence.

The Dragon vs. The Lion has the making of a classic racial grudge match. 

Will that be allowed to happen in current year?

Though, shouldn’t it really be The Dragon vs. The Eagle?


Extended Clips

“White Widow Super Cheese.” Haha! 

Trailer #3

I guess I’m going to show up to watch this in the theaters but, based on what I’ve seen, I’ve got zero hopes that it’s going to be anything spectacular.

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