You Got Me Burnin’ In The Third Degree

The Internet is AFLAME with buzz over the new teaser trailer for HBO’s upcoming Fahrenheit 451.  Ray Bradbury’s story of a world in which “firemen” are the people who burn books is coming to the screen with Michael B. Jordan as the hero, Guy Montag, and Michael Shannon as some other guy.

I read the book as a kid but my memories of it are pretty hazy…. the main thing I remember from it is a chapter in which Montag freaks out on the subway over a toothpaste commercial. (I also remember thinking Montag was white, but there my privileged race-assuming ass goes again.)

But, now none of us HAVE to read the book because there’s a perfectly good MOVIE being made out of it that we can all plop down and watch instead! Fahrenheit 451 will be arriving in all its ironic glory this spring.


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