How It All Ends

The other day, I made reference to Jennifer Lopez as a female Bane.

Take a good look. Her flexibility, her sensuality, her training.

I see the power of belief. I see The Flygirls resurgent!

It really makes perfect sense. Bane is the abandoned, fatherless child. 

Instead of beating the hell out of you, exposing your weaknesses, leaving you bankrupt and wrecking your city, Jennifer will… well, she will do all of those things but you’ll like it because she’s the pure distilled essence of an aggressive feminine spirit.

Almost no man can turn away from that kind of sexual energy until it has completely destroyed his life.

Some of you agree with that, some of you don’t.

But know this:

Eons from now, when all that is left of humanity are synthetic consciousnesses existing inside microprocessors powered by Hawking radiation from the last black hole in the universe, disembodied concepts of what were once men will still be discussing how hot Jennifer Lopez was.

That’s right — J Lo is hotter than The Heat Death Of The Universe.

But who dis blonde bitch?

That Is A “Lili Reinhart”

Never heard of her. Neither have you. But I know someone who can get us the details:

Lili… Reinhart… Lili Reinhart… come on… come on… Lili Reinhart!

Harry, we got something!

Guys, I need time to study these search results.

Study alone! 

Come on guys! Out of the van!


Here are some other clips from this dumb important movie to keep you busy:

Hustlers gives women an excuse to be themselves on September 13, 2019.

Lili Reinhart in Hustlers (2019)