Greetings True Americans & Real Christians!

Did you know that Mr. Rogers is an evil heathenistic servant of Satan that is now burning in the depths of Hell? Sure, Fred Rogers had a good front as a Presbyterian minister, but he wasn’t a real Christian. If Mr. Rogers was a real Christian he would have talked about Jesus in his shows more often.

Mr. Rogers, who hid his past and lifestyle, was also a committed Communist who never once used his platform to inform children about the beauty of the free market and the miracle of capitalism. He wasn’t about profit, he was about sharing — which is a Marxist idea.

Even after death, Mr. Rogers is a dangerous man,  and we should keep his heathen Bolshi trash away from our children. If this man had lived much longer we would have had Chinese tanks on the Rio Grande, ready to invade our land of sacred bounty!

Not all Commies are college professors! Some are trained killers!

A Shadowy Figure With A Violent Past

Mr. Rogers’ career started out as a US Marine sniper. Before his time on television, Mr. Rogers was hanging out in the jungle, blowing the heads off of any Communists that came his way. While I agree with killing Commies, any man that kills people with glee is obviously deranged.

Want to know why Mr. Rogers always wore sweaters? That was to hide the tattoos and needle marks covering his arms!

After leaving the Marines, Fred Rogers became a heavy drug user, which is most likely what caused this man’s peaceful, calm demeanor.

In fact, it is rumored that Mr. Rogers was even using marijuana during the filming of some of his shows. While this is a disturbing revelation, it is not surprising.

Many twisted, twisted things happened in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

For example, what non-disturbed man would wear this mask on a show intended for children? 

Guess what other kinds of “men” wear clown masks and loved kids?

Starting to get the picture yet or are you still listening to the Lamestream Media?

Hollyweird Loves Sickos!

Is there any question whether this man was a threat to our way of life? NO!

But of course, The Enemy Within has to celebrate everything degenerate, anti-American and anti-Christian, so Pedowood is making a movie about this pervert!

Now listen and learn while I carefully connect the dots on this poisoner of your village’s wells children’s minds.

Is there a reason that Mr. Rogers is dressed up like a creepy clown? The same kind of creepy clown that molested and murdered young boys in the 1970s?

Is there a reason? Yes. It was part of his master plan to lead our children into depraved lives of homosexuality and Communism that would make even the Sodomites jealous.

Why is the boy in the striped shirt afraid? It’s his turn next!

Think About It, Sheeple!

When you think of grown men who seem to have a strange love of children who do you think of? What other GROWN MEN have joyfully embraced children that they have no connection to with open arms and creepy smile?

Let’s take a look:

Anti-Christ and Anti-Pope Francis, known kiddie fiddler and agent of Satan.
Hitler loved touching children that he didn’t know, as long as they weren’t Jewish children.
That’s right, little Habib El. It’s your turn!

Anti-Christ Francis, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Mister Fred Rogers!

The perfect quartet of Satanic sinfulness looking to deliver the souls of innocent children into the bosom of Moloch. And what binds these agents of the devil together?

The doctrine of Darwinism.

Hitler’s entire racist hierarchy was based on Darwinism. Anti-Christ Francis is a member of the Catholic Church, a sinful body that embraces Darwinism. Saddam Hussein let Iraqi women become scientists and Darwinism is feminist science!

Fred Rogers was a public servant of PBS. PBS is a huge supporter of Darwinism. In fact, PBS has launched many attacks on God and Godly science and virulently supported evolutionism.

This is why I hate Mr. Rogers and why Jesus hates him too!