Purge Origins

The Purge series was an interesting look at what could happen to a country pushed into a corner. Crime is so bad that in the not-too-distant future, a new regime enacts a law so the American people have one night a year to “Purge“, a violent free-for-all to break any laws you desire in a 12-hour period.Murder, rape, theft. It’s on.

If you’ve followed the trilogy, the first movie focused on a family in their safe (so they think) house.The second was a tale of being on the outside when the sun went down.The third was about a politician who voted against continuing the annual Purge. The people DID NOT like that!

It’s been an interesting take on the way people fight for what’s right or unleash their inhibitions and go all out ape-shit. Some people take advantage of it in all it’s glory and some decide to hide indoors.

Let’s just say if you’re stuck outside, you’re fucked.

The First Purge promo picture

The First Purge is a prequel of sorts, telling the story of the first “test” Purge, if you will. The announcement trailer doesn’t give away much, just a glossy political style ad that should peek your interest in today’s current climate.

The Players

Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominee Gerard McMurray is back in the directors chair following his directorial debut, Burning Sands, on Netflix last year. Series creator James DeMonaco serves as screenwriter and producer. The cast includes Oscar winner Marisa Tomei in a mystery role, Insecure’s Y’lan Noel as William, and Longmire’s Patch Darragh as Arlo Sabian. Other cast members includes Luna Lauren Vélez (How to Get Away with Murder), Lex Scott Davis (Training Day), and Joivan Wade (EastEnders’).


The First Purge hits theaters on July 4, 2018.


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