It’s Hard Out Here For An Admin

There ain’t shit for decent trailers so far this week.

Zombie comedy that went out of style five years ago? A Netflix show that blatantly hacks the same Zombie comedy movie?

A foreign language film from Africa probably about immigration? An Amazon Prime show definitely about space immigration?

I did find this action clip from the upcoming Gemini Man, which has an inventive action something that we haven’t seen before — well, that I haven’t seen before.

What do we call it when we see a new kind of action concept on-screen? 

A move? A maneuver? A feat? Help me out here.

See? Little Willie shot the thermal detonator back at Big Willie — new action move!

I’m sure one of you Big Brains is going to tell me this action move was first seen in the Thai gunkata film Limo Cop III. I don’t fucking care.

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 Limo Cop II: Ubering At Locust Point

I’m definitely looking forward to this more than Terminator: Dark Fate, which is akin to saying I’m looking forward to jail more than prison.

After all, no Gemini Man director ever called me a woman-hater or told me to eat bugs and soyfood. That might be enough to get my ass in the seat these days.

Plus, “Mind if I kill you?” is kind of funny.



Gemini Man premieres in North American theaters on October 11, 2019.

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