M. Night Shyamalan did not set out to create a series when he wrote Unbreakable, but when he wrote Split, using the character of Kevin Wendell Crumb, a character cut from Unbreakable, he found it easy to tie those two movies together.

Now the third movie, Glass, is set for release in January.

Starring legendary actors Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and James McAvoy, Glass is earning justifiable hype in box office projections.

The story appears to start in the most natural place to find people who think themselves superhuman, a mental institution. However, it appears that Glass doesn’t stay there, taking to the streets for knock down, drag out, action.

Although I enjoy the Marvel movies, a grittier, more “realistic”, take on the genre, as seen in 2017’s Logan can also be a great watch, provided it’s done well.

As a long time Bruce Willis fan I will, no doubt, be buying a ticket upon the release of Glass. All fans of Willis, Jackson, McAvoy, or Shyamalan should do likewise.