Is It Secret?

I stumbled across this on the incredibly successful, old-school entertainment news website Dark Horizons. If you ever want your genre entertainment updates with no politics and less opinion then go check it out. We realize that sometimes you just need to unplug your brain and enjoy a good popcorn hack news piece with no commentary from time to time. 

It also has a decent discussion community, so if you have no friends to talk about this shit with and are just generally lonely, you might want to head over there  — or pull up the dating site,

This is an unlisted Westworld Season 3 trailer that someone published to Reddit and has filtered down to the cut-and-paste genre media. 

Dumb Is Not Deep

The trailer is pure, uncut HBO at its most HBO, helping midwits think they have encountered the profound by using a cheap gimmick.

In this case, a Young Writers’ Workshop word association exercise.

Remember, these are grown-ups making millions of dollars:

They Fly Now? They Fly Now!

Death Is Not Freedom

Chaos Is Not Destiny

Indoctrination Is Not Entertainment

Season 3 of Westworld premieres March 15 at 9PM on HBO.

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