Prop Culture Series Trailer Should Be a Model Makers’ Dream

The obsession with the details in props is something that is built into model makers from the word “go” when they are bred in college.

I know. I went to school with some of them who wound up working on the Harry Potter and Dark Knight films.

HARRY KNOWLES Meets Disney+ in PROP CULTURE Series Trailer

In the Prop Culture series, Disney+ attempts to show us the inside of these people’s mindsets via an ambassador that looks like a more mobile and healthy Harry Knowles, a prop collector named Dan Lanigan

So, here is the synopsis:

Discover the beloved artifacts behind some of your favorite Disney films in Prop Culture, an Original Series.

Here is the teaser trailer:

Prop Culture Series Trailer is a Hoarder’s Dream

Lanigan has his own personal website, Raiders of the Lost Prop which is filled with agitated, agitprop about film props such as the following quote:

HARRY KNOWLES Meets Disney+ in PROP CULTURE Series Trailer

It became readily apparent that the young cinephile needed a title befitting his standing amidst the prop rabble. His attendants and aficionados offered many suggestions and after weeks of debate arrived to many conclusions. “Prop Sovereign” was discarded for legal reasons. “Prop Pontiff,” although briefly considered, generated considerable consternation regarding the inevitable infallibility of prop pontification. “Prop King” was dismissed for not pompous enough (plus it was already taken). “Prop Dictator” was considered too cheerful. In the end, Dan’s love of Henry Jones Jr. led him to adopt the moniker that has remained with him throughout these years and shall no doubt resonate through the centuries. He is…the Raider of the Lost Props!

Ok. Ok.

What Are We To Make of All of This?

It would have been awesome if Disney+ had dropped some coin on making a series about how model makers, designers, and others go from idea to prop in ten weeks of work.

But instead, we got a dude geeking out over the actual props themselves and, of course, talking about his recollections, personal influences, and personal desires while other people show up as guest stars.

HARRY KNOWLES Meets Disney+ in PROP CULTURE Series Trailer

Prop Culture drops on Disney+ on May 1, 2020.