Claxon was right. It’s almost impossible to find a good trailer to get excited about in the month of August. But we can try.

Director David Mackenzie is back with his follow-up to the over-rated 2016 Best Picture nominee Hell Or High Water, a Muh Freedom retread called Outlaw King. And again he’s made the mistake of casting Colors Of Benetton model Chris Pine — now with even more oversaturated blue iris — in the lead.

How come we can’t get away from this guy?

It’s all so tiresome

This looks like a beat-for-beat remake of Braveheart, right down to the setting spears against heavy cavalry and “Hold”.

Weren’t they doing a follow-up to Mel Gibson’s 1995 masterpiece with Angus Macfadyen, the actor that played Robert The Bruce in Braveheart?

Did I misremember that? Nope: that movie is called Robert The Bruce and apparently Macfadyen is not only starring but has written the script and secured financing himself.

I guess we’re going to have an Armeggedon v. Deep Impact sort of thing going on here except with kilts.

BTW, dear reader, I swear on the eyes of my father that Film Goblin will find you a good movie trailer within the next 5 days.