I was initially pretty psyched about this Fast & Furious spinoff. It looked like a silly and stylish Mission Impossible knock-off with a couple of charismatic leads taking the piss out of each other while they save the world.

I think I called it “amazing” because it was.

Then the second trailer hit: wait, who is this Blonde Widow? Is this really necessary? Then the third trailer hit and… oh. Maori relatives. No guns. That dumb haka dance.

Box office projections have dropped $11M (11%) since that third trailer rolled out. That’s going in the wrong direction, Rock!

Yeah, I don’t know. Is this going be another action movie where the female lead rolls her eyes as the male leads wrestle with each other and she describes it as an “outbreak of testosterone”? Personally, I’m sick of feminist meta-negging in my action movies. 

How are the leads described in the logline?

  • Hobbs (Johnson): hulking lawman
  • Shaw (Statham): lawless outcast
  • Hattie (Vanessa Kirby): brilliant and fearless

Still, I persist in seeing this movie. I will be there opening night, August 2, 2019. 

Hey, that’s next week!