Greetings, Programs!

Warner Brothers Pictures has released a new featurette on IT Chapter 2. The clip shows some behind the scenes action, plus showcasing the new actors taking over the roles from the first film.

It looks to also show a backstory to Pennywise, so that may be of interest for the fans of the old miniseries.

They also got creepy looking Stephen King hawking this, so they really want his cred to help push tickets. Also, remember that this is the same man that made Maximum Overdrive.

This is just under three minutes, not very scary I might add:

Of course, he has his tongue out while looking at a little boy.

I finally figured out who this version of Pennywise reminds me of:

Add the white make-up, and hair, voila!

I for one have very little interest in this film.

Thankfully, IT ends on September 6th, 2019