Back when radio shock jocks were still a thing — before Howard sold out, before Anthony went buck-wilding in the streets, before Bubba The Love Sponge — you used to be able to tune in and hear them mocking stuff like this.

Before “cringe” became a popular insult there was “douche chills” or the feeling of nausea one is overcome by when witnessing a completely embarrassing situation.

Incorrectly attributed to degenerate actor David Cross, douche chills originated on The Howard Stern Show and was popularized by Cellar comedians like Bill Burr and Patrice O’Neil. 

Prepare for some of the most hack material you’ve ever seen:

Is this what MAGA boomers mean by “Democrats are the real racists?”

Not surprisingly, Loqueesha seems to be a dream project of writer/director/star Jeremy Saville. Don’t laugh. He’ll probably clear low seven figures on the DVD sales.