The ending of The Equalizer in 2014 suggested Robert McCall was going to start being a one-man A-Team.

As a fan of “Old Man With A Gun” movies and TV shows, I was looking forward to the character becoming a more violent version of the TV version of Equalizer.

“My only disappointment is that I only get to do it once.”

Like the first trailer, The Equalizer 2 seems to be a pure revenge film with Denzel Washington reprising his role as Robert McCall and killing a whole lot of bad guys. This has been the summer for me when it comes to revenge films.

I already got to see Die Hard 7oops I mean Death Wish, with another old bald guy killing a lot of bad guys.

There seems to be a throwaway element of him working as a Lyft driver. I’m not sure if Lyft is dropping some paid product placement or the vigilante business got too boring for him.

I don’t have many doubts for The Equalizer 2, it’s one of my favorite genre of movie and had Denzel Washington as the lead. He is one of my top five favorite actors and I can’t see him not bringing his A game.

Hopefully, the prolonged advertisement for Lyft won’t take up too much of the movie and we can get to the main attraction: Denzel Washington being a badass.

That’s an AD!

My butt will be in theater seats opening night, even if the whole movie is an advertisement for app based taxi services.

The same Director (Antoine Fuqua) and Writer (Richard Wenk) for the first Equalizer movie return witch brings consistency. As most of us can agree, haphazardly changing writers and directors for films rarely makes a sequel better.

Your Lyft driver will be taking you to see The Equalizer 2 July 20th!

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